Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


It’s come to my attention, after having a little go at my own contract, that the client sometimes leaves her bench: but I don’t think she’s ever away for long. If she’s not there, she’s probably walking back there. Just make sure she’s the closest person to the phone when you put it down, and the objective is complete.

I’m sorry that introduces a bit of a random element into the contract, but corporate espionage and murder are not governed by strict rules of conduct. lol


Yes. She leave the bench and walk still around the main square, but after a while she would sit again there. The only risk at this point is that some other npc around could See and take the phone while she is far away. I was lucky to found her just after i get out from Villa Caruso.


Whether I followed the rules or not is pending approval :slight_smile:


I had a pretty good time on this, I had a hunch on where the blueprints where and I was right!
But I got spotted while leaving the mansion (stupid NPC routes).

I was going to post a video but since I saved a screenshot of the blueprints (hopefully) the PS4 guessed I was done with the material up to that point so I only got the part after the screenshot.


lol. You did. Blueprint successfully delivered to client, money wired to bank account. Good job.


It’s on me, I’m almost sure it was in Silvio’s office and I scoured that place forever, also including the attic, his bedroom and the safecode room. I just missed it.


Here’s my score. Hopefully I got the blueprints right.



Great work, Fries. You’re now in the lead.

(I can confirm that Fries photographed the blueprint and delivered the phone to the client.)


Did my run a little earlier this morning. Can’t believe I got SA/so with how I played this. I totally misread the map and location of targets and just wasted time right at the beginning.

@David47, I believe I got the blueprints. I kind of had 3 ideas where it could be.


:joy: You monster. You killed the client. (I don’t care if you drove away in time not to see it.)

Excellent run. I don’t know how you didn’t get spotted! I’ll have to rewatch this to learn a few tricks.

P.S. You didn’t start in the main square, which was a special condition, but you didn’t quite get the fastest time, so it doesn’t matter.


I’m gonna give this a go later :slight_smile:


Oh shit, I missed that rule for the start point. lol. Damn. Still didn’t win anyways so doesn’t matter anyhow. I didn’t kill her. Look at my score card, no non-targe kills. :joy::joy::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

And ya, at the beginning, that’s alert mode, not search mode. It’s basically a non-kill long distance Sniper shot. It makes guards focus on where the shot came from and if you’re trespassing, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re not holding or doing anything illegal. But if you’re in a hostile area, like the school or Colorado, then they will attack if their suspicion meter goes full.
I thought the targets were in tkfrojt of the mansion. But I totally misread the map.

If you need help understanding this alert mechanic, let me know. I’ll send you a couple of vids I did with it.


That description you just gave was a big help, thanks.

I would have tried it a few times and failed and wondered what I was doing wrong and then stopped. lol


That’s the deadline. Thanks for playing, everyone.

Well done, @Fries00. You won! :slight_smile:

(Well done, too, @DaZucc. It was close.)

Fries00, please post a new contract whenever you have the time (or let us know if you can’t).


I’ll post a contract in 2-3 hours. Stay tuned!


Here we go. Keeping it simple. Contract is in Colorado. Make it look like an accident, agents.

Contract ID: 2-09-4082819-82



I failed (got killed)!

I had some serious issues with luring one of the targets and when I finally got him I was a bit frustrated so I was not careful enough around an (known) enforcer.
I was running for the exit but there are a lot of people with guns in Colorado :smile:


Omg lol I failed too.


Wait… did I make a difficult contract by mistake? Sorry guys :sweat_smile:


lol. It’s OK, Fries. Difficult contracts are good. They teach us humility. :pray:t3:


I’m going in a few mins. Hopefully I don’t get killed either haha.