Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Got a body found because a ko caused the npc to clip through the wall somehow. So I shouldn’t lose that bonus. :grimacing:
But I got spotted for something so simple. so no SA.



I blew myself up… nothing more to say :sob:
Its a nice contract though!


I followed the rules

… and died.

It was a fun contract, and it didn’t even seem that hard. I killed two targets without much of a problem, but I misread where the third target was in the house, went upstairs first, messed up climbing through a window and then dodging around on the roof, and it turned into a shooting gallery from which there was no escape.

Well done, @immadummee47. Glad someone got on the board!

P.S. Colorado’s just so punishing if you’re spotted. It goes from, “Hey, pal!” (:slightly_smiling_face:) to “DIE MOTHERF**KER! Nukes at the ready!” (:rage::boom:) in about two seconds. lol


@Bending_Cheese67, I saw you were in the board with an SA rating. Was that an official run?


Yes, I will be uploading tomorrow :slight_smile: :+1:


Not sure if anyone else will play and also beat your score, but in about 1.5 hrs, you should be declared the winner. Got a contract ready?


No, I do not have a contract ready, someone else post :slight_smile:


I will post another guess who contract. lol
Unless someone else wants to submit.


Go for it, you’re the only one that completed the contract and posted it in the thread. :slight_smile:

Where’s your video @Bending_Cheese67 ? :wink:


It’s uploading now


Guess Who By Two

Complications: 2
No disguise changes
No pacifications

Restrictions: 2
Can’t use main map to locate targets
Can’t use ‘Target Information’ to locate target

Silent Assassin: 1
Achieve No noticed kills = 100,000pts bonus to help balance non-target kills.

Help: 1
Any kind of Accident kill will negate suspicion by searching guards.



I’m not sure who is supposed to be the winner here now. Bending got the highest score, but didn’t turn in the contract in time. So I guess @immadummee47 is the winner?


Yeah, I think so. @immadummee47 turned in his results before the deadline and he’s provided our next contract. I’d say that makes him the official winner.

All credit to you, though, @Bending_Cheese67. Great job acing this evidently tricky contract.


I went on a killing spree trying to find the right target but I got myself killed in the end :smile:


Same here. Got like 36 non targets killed. Ended up with 0 score, but I completed the contract :joy:

I’m sure others will be better than me.


This was suppose to be a fun contract so I hope it was at least fun. Lol. But since I knew ppl would likely get NTKs, that’s why I added the 100,000 bonus points if you can get no noticed kills to balance the score.


Hey I’m back!
Took a break from Hitman, worked on my backlog. Now I’ve decided to come back to this. Might not dedicate myself to doing each and every one of these challenges, but I’ll try.

Tried this newest contract. Failed. I killed a few doppelgangers, but I accidentally subdued one from around the corner. My mind was too focused on pushing square rather than the one triangle push. I went back and found out the guy who I subdued was actually one of the targets. Oof.


I found them lol


I tried this, I dieded, it was fun .


I’ll play soon. I strained a finger while typing.

That’s how much of a badass I am in real life. lol