Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Lol. What did I do?


I followed the rules.

And this is how much of a badass I am in Hitman …

I think I prefer finger strains. :sweat_smile:

P.S. Would somebody who’s still alive please call the manufacturer of that car and complain. How a bit of fire-retardant foam hitting the car door made the whole thing explode like a nuclear-powered reactor from Fallout 4 I don’t know. #NotSafe.


Best assassination ever!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I think that’s just as good as my fail on the Congressman et.


So, is @Fries00 the current “winner”? He says he only got about 36 non targets, though his score plummeted to zero. But that is a “better”, cleaner run than @rattleshnake’s 135 non target killing spree.


I agree. Even though there is a 0 on the scorecard, the minus score has to count too to determine a winner. So killing less is better.

So I guess @Fries00, you’re the winner.


:smile: No, yours was better. You killed yourself with confidence and style.


I’ll leave this round for someone else. If anyone has a nice contract to post, go ahead. I’m a bit busy now to think of a good contract.


I quickly threw this together just now, Doctor’s Orders


-must start in Tobias Raeper’s Suite or Restaurant

-loadout must be empty, but you can choose whichever smuggled item you want from any smuggling point


I followed the rules

I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t play Hitman as much anymore :smile:



I’ll be attempting this tomorrow before the deadline!


Going now.


Sorry guys, I can’t make it back in time to attempt the contract before the deadline. :cry:


I got wallhacked AGAIN and ended up getting killed. I forgot I had a gun. Lol.


SA 167.983 points


You used opportunities ON in settings. You’re such a noob and cheated. I call for your head!!!

If you win, likely you will with less than 40 mins to go, I hope you have a contract.



I followed the rules.


Slow-poke approach didn’t quite work for me this time. Well done, @Bending_Cheese67 .


Is it ok if I post tomorrow? i really don0t have anything ready…


New Contract


Simple 5 target contract, you must start at the attic, and bring no loadout.


I followed the rules. All went well except for a clumsy mistake I made at the very beginning.