Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Made a horrible mistake.



I followed the rules

I didn’t try to do a fast run this time and it paid off :slight_smile:


I followed the rules.

Conclusion: clumsy. Although … when you get spotted early on, it does give you licence to walk around, without worrying about stealth, and stab people from the front like a boss, which is quite fun.


P.S. Sorry there’s no vid. I forgot to press record because I was attacked by a wasp moments before I started. It went straight down my shirt without giving me a second’s warning! But luckily it was as bad a hitman as I am because it didn’t sting me, despite being in there for a long-ass time. lol

True story.


I followed the rules but since my PS4 isn’t linked to anything like Facebook or Twitter(because i don’t have an account in either) i can’t post a screenshot. My PSN nickname is unitedfedor


You’re up now Chilly, great job.


Falling out of love
ID: 2-05-9565892-61

Nothing special but make sure to take note of the kill conditions when you plan this


I followed the rules. At 1:50 I only fire those shots to see if the light works as a falling object.


Well done, I hoped that people would try those lights first :slightly_smiling_face:


I followed the rules.

Nice contract. Made me think about how to kill the woman.

Everything went perfectly, but – to the astonishment of no-one – my perfection took twice as long to achieve as the next guy’s perfection. lol



Half as fast, but I love your quick execution. Maybe we should extend this contract by a day, to make up for the lost time and get more runs in.


Thanks. I wasn’t going to beat your time, so I did something that’d look neat in the highlights reel. lol

I was thinking exactly the same thing.


Nice kill streak :slight_smile:

So are we aiming for a deadline today or on Sunday?



I think the deadline should be today at 6 GMT. The site was only offline (as far as I’m aware) for about a day, so extending the contract by a day makes sense.

But if, at 6, nobody else has posted, we can always change our minds and extend it.



Had this score for a while but couldn’t upload because of the site outage. Was a fun contract to play.


Nice work @Fries00 !

So we’ve had 3 players and @rattleshnake came out on top, congratulations!
Do you have a contract ready? :smile:


I do not, at work right now. Someone else can post.


@Fries00 @David47 any of you got a contract?
I dont have any new ones and since I made the last one I think someone else should step up :grin:


I’ll post one soon, just woke up.


Sorry, I haven’t had time. I’ll try to make a short one later if Rattleshnake still can’t for any reason.


Stearne in the Night

Condition: no propane flasks or FEs