Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules.

Note to self: Just … never bother using the lethal syringe in a public area. Someone is always watching (:face_with_monocle:), even if they all appear to have their backs turned and be engrossed in their shopping.

Seriously, I get away with risky lethal-syringe attacks roughly 0% of the time. lol


The hit still went smoothly, though. No guards attacked me. A random, eagle-eyed woman three miles away just screamed and apparently reported me and my shiny, moonlit bald head to the authorities.


Went to electrocute him on the second time around but stupid guy walked away and woman walked into water and got killed. Lol. . Then lured guy away and used syringe. Got spotted on that too. Fack!


I followed the rules

I followed him around for a while and successfully lured him in behind the fortune teller’s place.


Happy cake day! Awesome job.


I followed the rules. Got him with lethal syringe.


Great job, you’re up.


Nice! Lets get right into a new one then.

Bangkok Banger
ID: 2-08-8022218-82

Good luck, agents!


lol. Possibly the best briefing we’ve had.

47 is getting very petty in his old age.


:man_facepalming: Had SA going then took a chance. Total F up.


I’m a little rusty at the moment, though I think it’s worth noting that there were no living witnesses so my main mental parameter was hit lol.


I followed the rules.

All went according to plan. Nice contract.

Nobody whispers behind 47’s back. Nobody.


hold my beer


Slick run! My intention with the contract was using the elusive parameters along with the tricky underground hallways of the hotel. The targets had to be easily obtainable, but require a few steps to get them in a good position. Seems like the idea worked out well.


I followed the rules

I think I chose the worst starting location (given the target locations) and I played it a bit too carefully since I always seem to mess up Bangkok missions due to not knowing who’s an enforcer for certain disguises. :slight_smile:


@Bending_Cheese67 is the winner! Post a contract whenever you see fit.


I will post in a few hours.


I won’t post today as I have to take care of some school stuff, tomorrow will do


I really can’t post (I’m really sorry) someone else go ahead


I just made one.

20,000 suit only bonus


I followed all the rules.

SA at my usual breakneck speed. :hatched_chick: (I’ve been playing Final Fantasy, so there’s a chocobo to illustrate exactly how fast I was. Note: Chocobos are flightless birds and mine has broken legs and a penchant for cake.)