Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I forgot the disguise restriction and failed lol


I followed the rules.

I also got the suit only bonus, not that it matters! :joy::ok_hand:t2::100:


Too lazy to upload the screenshot, but I completed it and got a score of 33.000. With an added Suit bonus of 20.000 which doesn’t matter for me either. David is still in the lead.


Alright @David47 what have you got.


Sorry, this is ridiculously basic, but it was all that occurred to me in the thirty or forty minutes I had before bed.

Special conditions:

  • You must start on the red carpet.

  • You get +50,000 points for killing the target by sniper rifle while she’s on the catwalk (thus sending the most dramatic warning possible to other would-be extortionists).


Blackmailer or not, we’re killing a sexual assault victim? A job’s a job I guess lol, good and evil aren’t relevant to 47 after all.


Not necessarily. I was intentionally ambiguous about the veracity of Gretchen’s claims to be edgy (lol) … to create a little moral ambiguity for the player.

She could be telling the truth, or she could be lying. The ICA knows which it is, but Diana didn’t bother to apprise 47, because to him it doesn’t matter, as you say. He’s just a weapon. He trusts Diana to make smart decisions about which contracts to decline and which to accept.


Decided to not go for the snipe because I didn’t know how long she’d take to get on stage and considering the difference in points with time, I didn’t think the wait would give me enough points, because doing the math here, it’s not actually 50,000 more points, it’s only 10,000, cuz a snipe kill will lose you 20,00 for a noticed kill and lose you another 20,000 for bodies found. So I thought a faster time with SA would yield a bigger score.

Let’s see if I’m correct on that.


Score 95,057. Set up my sniper perch and waited for what turned out to be around 15 minutes, she never moved. I went down to investigate, and with my only options being a public headshot, coin fetch or FE I went with the headshot.


Sorry if the contract didn’t technically work out as well as I’d hoped. I made it in an extreme hurry late at night and I just liked the idea of sniping one of the catwalk models. That seems like a cool thing to do at a fashion show. I can imagine it in a movie or something … so I blame the game’s mechanics if it turns out not to be very practical. :sweat_smile:

@rattleshnake, when I was trying to come up with the contract idea, the target walked the runway at around 8 - 10 minutes, and when I actually created the contract she walked it at around 2 or 3 minutes, so I just assumed based on that that she was up there quite regularly.

@immadummee47, my maths may have been off. I flippantly assumed that 50,000 points would compensate for the noticed kill if you managed to do everything else cleanly. And I didn’t want the points-bonus to be too big because I wanted sniping to be a choice. I probably should have just made it a sniping contract, so that everyone suffered similar penalties, but well done for using your initiative.

I think I’ll play this contract myself and see how it goes for me. I’m curious to see how badly I fluffed it. lol



Sorry, I just playtested, and it appears that this contract is broken. :blush:

The target doesn’t walk the catwalk like she seemed to do regularly when I created it. Her movement must be conditional on something that I did accidentally during creation.

Do you guys mind if I try to make another quick (working) contract? Do you, @immadummee47, since you’re in the lead?


Ya go for it. No worries.


OK, sorry about that, guys. I’ll try the sniper contract again when I’ve got more time to make it and playtest it. Here’s the replacement contract (which expires tomorrow at 6 GMT, so play it quickly if you’re interested).

Special conditions:

  • Kill as many enemy NPCs as you can and escape before the time-limit expires.

  • The only firearm you can use in the mission is your silenced pistol.

Your final score is calculated by adding your minus “non-target kill” score (written in red) to your other, regular scores, e.g. never spotted bonus, no bodies found bonus, etc.

(Note: The reason you can only use your silenced pistol is because this is intended to be a stealth test. But you can fight enemies head-on if you’re feeling brave, or if you mess up your stealth, in order to boost your final score. Just try not to die. lol)


I do know that if you start as the stylist, she is always the first on the catwalk and that usually takes about 2 minutes.


Nice creative contract. Looking forward to playing this in the evening.


Additional Note:

Just a little addition I’m making to the scoring system of this contract.

If you lose your “never spotted” bonus, your “no noticed kills” bonus and your “no bodies found” bonus … in other words, if your run goes to shit or you go Rambo – then you also lose your “no recordings” bonus and your “objective complete” bonus, even though the game doesn’t take those off you.

That means if you resort to an all-guns-blazing approach, your total score is your “non-target kill” penalty (in red) and nothing else, so make sure you kill as many people as possible to compensate.

(This change is just to further encourage players to use the stealth approach; because getting headshots is really easy and fighting probably would have been the easiest way to win, even only using the pistol. You can still win by fighting; it’s just harder now, because you lose an additional 40,000 points if you resort to it.)


I died lol


Damn. Sorry. One day you’ll enjoy one of my contracts, I promise! :smile:


I actually really did enjoy the sniper one, it felt realistic. Go in intending to meet client wishes of a public sniper execution, but factors against your control force you to improvise. That and I just love the classic concept of just straight up shooting someone with a sniper.


I’m glad to hear that. (“Factors against your control” meaning the model in question doesn’t actually walk the runway. That could actually be seen as a legitimate story twist if I’d meant it. lol)

I still like the concept so, like I said, I’ll tweak it and hopefully you guys will get a better version of it.