Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Just a bit of extra advice for this contract:

Focus primarily on getting to the target. Don’t over-extend yourself trying to kill everyone you come across or you might start to panic when the clock ticks down.


I really hope I make it back home in time tomorrow to be able to play this one, seems like fun challenge :smile:


I died… I went against your advice and just killed everyone in my path. Tried to keep the killing to a minimum but I was spotted trying to get to the roof. The guard that guards those stairs was extremely stubborn to respond to my coin, took too much time and got spotted by someone patrolling.


I survived. Lol. But I may or may not have done something against the restrictions. I was on my last bullet and so I shot him and then KOd him with my fists. Is that legal, @David47? It happens at 5:55 in-game timer time (not YT time).

Let me know.


I followed the rules


I was going for a stealth approach and got around 8 kills including the target but I had about 5 minutes left so I got greedy and that meant I ended up being spotted and tried to compensate by killing some more people. :slight_smile:


Well done. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s perfectly legal. You can kill the targets however you like. The pistol is the only firearm you’re allowed to use, but everything else – from fists to fibre-wire to pointy objects – is fair game. Sorry if I wasn’t perfectly clear about that. I thought I was, but I probably could have added another line to eliminate all doubt.

Your score is 120,000 points (your other bonuses are void, because of the additional rule I created above to encourage stealth). And I’ll watch your video ASAP.


Ha. Never mind. It happens. I wanted that temptation to kill just one more to be a feature and a risk of the contract. I’m sure your stealth was exemplary while it lasted. lol

What’s your “non-target kill” penalty there? I can’t quite see. Is it 150,000? If so you’re in the lead.

Good job.


No it was only 80.000, I don’t know why the pic upload didn’t allow for a full resolution image…


Thanks to everyone who managed to play in the one day that contract was up. lol

And well done, @immadummee47. You won. Post whenever you’re ready.


I’ll have one in a bit. Just to let everyone know, the winner of this upcoming contract will get first dibs at making the next contract in the patient zero Bangkok map with possibly all the new features/complications added this coming Friday if they choose to make it there.


Gotta win this!

Not that it’s gonna happen


Sorry for the delay and the typo in the title lol.

-must exit with suit

50,000pts for keeping your No Notice Kills bonus.
20,000pts Suit Only
20,000pts Bosco car exit


PS. Highly recommended to take the ghost sniper rifle.


Score 59,187 with car exit bonus 79,187, exited in suit.


Did you get any notice kills?

I see you did your own calculation so I’m guessing you didn’t keep it.


Yeah I didn’t manage to keep it, Bosco was tricky.


I haven’t unlocked it. Is the contract still beatable with the regular Sieger 300 rifle?


Yes. But I suggest getting the ghost. There’s a perk that no other sniper rifle has.

You can get the ghost quite quickly. 1/2hr at most. Don’t even bother with SA. So if you have the time, I’d highly suggest it.


Damn it, I got killed when I ran for the exit.
Got spotted inside Boscos trailer but managed to get away and camp out for a while.
I should have changed my disguise of course but that suit only bonus was too tempting :grin:


Half an hour? This is me we’re talking about.

“You overestimate my power!”

I just failed multiple times in half an hour. lol

I’ll try again later. At least this is giving me a reason to do escalatons! :smile:


It’ll be worth it once you get that gun, it’s the best sniper in the game (on that note I’m not a fan of the best sniper being dlc-based, but that’s not too relevant).