Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well at least it’s easy to get in a 3 level escalation than needing 20 mastery like in Hokkaido.


An error occured halfway through my run… :sleepy:


Heyo. Tried this contract. Failed, and died. I killed 2 of the 3 targets before guards ambushed me. Did not manage to kill Bosco, and couldn’t find him in on the chaotic set as I surveyed the area.
Not sure what went wrong, but I think either someone saw a dead body being shot (maybe one of the technicians in red?) or a bullet impact made every guard telepathic or… the sound? Is the Ghost really silent? It doesn’t sound like it one bit.

eh. it was good though. I’ll keep trying.


I followed all the rules.

I got the suit-only and the leave-in-Bosco’s-car bonuses, so my total is 133,861, I think.

As you’ll see from my video, @immadummee47, the Ghost rifle came in handy, so good advice.


Great job getting the ghost and those bonuses. The perk it has over any other rifle, and I’m sure you figured it out now, is that it’s the only gun that can kill bosco with a 1 shot headshot. So that’s why I highly suggested it.


The ghost isn’t silent, even on impact as it has that kickback feature. But bullet impact doesn’t alert guards to you unless they can figure out where the bullet came from. If that happens, then the game will say ‘Guards Alerted’. That’s when they are on their way directly to you.

Edit: just fixed a couple of typos


No! I didn’t figure that out at all. I thought you just meant the slow-mo effect. That was pure luck. :sweat_smile:


Most rifles have the slow-mo, if I’m not mistaken. So you’re lucky you unlocked the ghost now that you found out what I was talking about. Hehe.


I got sandwiched by Dino after I shut down the lights and his manager. Not a great run.


Looks like you’re going to win @David47, can’t wait to see what you make for The Source.


Source, pource. I’m going to set the next contract in Colorado to annoy everyone. :smiling_imp: lol



This is rock hard. I apologize profusely in advance.

Welcome to Colorado!

(lol. Not really, but it does look like it at first glance.)

Special conditions:

  • Smuggle a silenced assault rifle of your choosing into your room. Any will do.

  • You can NOT put the dead bodies of your targets into crates or cupboards. You have to leave them lying on the floor, because it’s supposed to look like they died in a gunfight after falling out with one another. You can move their bodies a little if you need to, but, like I said, not into cupboards, and not too far away from the scene of the crime. Keep the scenario in mind and use your own judgement.

  • Put at least three bullets into the dead body of each target, to make it look like he went down in flames.

  • Take your silenced assault rifle with you when you leave the mission. Leaving it behind would help the police figure out what actually occurred.


  • Bring the disposable scramblers to unlock doors!

  • Choke people out where need-be to create a safe route for yourself. Don’t be shy.

  • Think carefully about how to get to the targets. Try not to make a rash decision.

  • Be extremely mindful of surveillance cameras and take them out. If one of them spots you, erasing the footage will be a pain while wearing the suit, and you’ll have to abandon your assault rifle and come back for it later. (I even advise you to just forget about it and continue with the mission if you get spotted. Erasing footage is too much of a hassle and breaks the contract’s flow.)

  • Mrs F**king Mookjai sometimes walks through the mercenaries’ compound. Be aware of that when positioning/hiding bodies. lol

(P.S. I had a pretty cool idea that focused on the Death Cult initially, but I couldn’t get it to function like I wanted it to. NPCs on this map don’t like to drink their drinks. So I’ve put it on the backburner for now.)


Let me just re-emphasize that you are allowed to hide the bodies of the targets. Just not in cupboards or crates.

It’s conceivable that the targets crawled into dark corners to die after their gunfight.

You don’t have to position them in a circle or anything. It doesn’t have to be that realistic. lol

I don’t want people overthinking that part of the mission. It’s tricky enough as is.


I got spotted, got frustrated an quit out. I’m out this round.


Sorry about that, @rattleshnake. I know from my own experiences that suit-only contracts can be a pain, and not worth the hassle, if things go south early on. That’s why I very rarely make them.

I still have faith that someone can do it, though. I SA’d it last night in 9 minutes (which is like 4 or 5 minutes by your standards, lol). Getting to the targets was the hardest part in my playtests. Anyone who does that has a good shot of getting through the rest.

P.S. Don’t be too proud to run and hide in a box to reset guard patrols. That mechanic exists for a reason, as lame an assassin as it makes you feel. :blush:


Honestly it’s more to do with my mood today, contract is fine. Good luck to others!


I should have made our first Source contract a pleasant ice-breaker, but I had to go straight to God Mode. lol

If everyone washes out, I’ll at least know to avoid making these kinds of contracts in the future. So it’s a good barometer for me.


Got seen through a wall at the very beginning and was too frustrated to continue :frowning:


I played earlier, got spotted with a rifle and died.


Looks like my planned attempt on this contract tomorrow is doomed already, lol