Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Sorry, guys. Looks like it was too hard.

If everyone dies/rage-quits then, @DaZucc, I give you the right to create the next contract if you want to, because you seemed quite enthusiastic about making something on the new map.

Only if you want to, of course. (And if Chillyschrimp doesn’t ace it. lol)


Thanks! I’ll try it out tomorrow, post my time (if I survive :wink:) and if Chillyschrim fails then I’ll post a contract.
I had an idea in mind but one target was just too FE friendly.
Best of luck @Chillyschrimp!


Just a (slightly flawed; because I was spotted by a camera) RP run of my contract to show roughly how I conceived it and that it can be completed. lol

(Please don’t watch if you haven’t played yet. Thanks.)


It’s not the difficulty but that the map is pretty buggy at the moment. For example, I stumbled upon 2 guards who became stalkers as soon I started trespassing near them. They are the guys on the roof who survey the backyard where the targets are located. I’ve also seen a few people complain about other NPCs who behave that way. By the way, the idea of your contract is great, I especially like the necessity of retrieving your equipment just like in Blood Money.


Damn, I didn’t know that. Hopefully they’ll fix things in the next update.

Thanks. I am pretty pleased with it, but I think (taking these bugs that I didn’t know about into account, too) that it was just a bit too tricky for an Elusive contract. It’s probably something people would enjoy more if they had multiple attempts to get a high score.

P.S. I apologize to anyone who slid down the pipe outside the hotel room and immediately got spotted by the guard on the balcony below. Without instinct, it’s very hard to spot him. You basically have to know he’s there or do recon of the hotel. lol


I followed the rules (I think)

I definitely didn’t “ace it” but I completed it :slight_smile:

I uploaded a long ass video as well (it’s been a while) so @David47 can verify that I didn’t forget one or two of his additional rules, like I usually do :wink:

Also, even if no one else completes the contract before the deadline I’m willing to let you post the next one @DaZucc if you still want to?
I can’t really make time to create a new contract and certainly not in the “new” maps, which I feel is sort of expected for a while onwards :slight_smile:


Well done!

You did ace it as far as this contract is concerned. lol

And kudos for going the extra mile to make it look like the targets shot each other. You did that better than I did in any of my playtests. :+1:


I dieded :ok_hand:
Good contract though, and interesting complications!
Ill make a new contract in a min


Here the contract!
Rules are:
No FE’s, propane or injected poison.
Escape with the boat
For every FE thrown on to the boat, an extra 10,000 points are given (they just need to hit the boat)
Hope I didn’t disappoint and sorry for bad quality


Looks fun. :slight_smile:

I’d like to know why the client hates fire extinguishers so much that he wants them removed from the building. My guesses: He’s a pyromaniac who wants the hotel to burn down, or fire-extinguisher foam sets off all his allergies, or the colour red makes him irrationally angry because he was a bull in a past life.

One of those has to be right. lol

P.S. Nice briefing. Well written.


You’re sort of there with the first one and the third one sounds great but it’s more along the lines of:
‘our client also wants to you to get rid of as many fire extinguishers as possible because he claims to be working like a dog to supply the upstairs exhibition with them, and Ms. Mookjai has cut the already terrible pay. Show everyone how much they need him. By taking away the fire extinguishers in the likely event of a fire, since our client and the extinguishers will be gone, there will be no way to fight the flames.’
Something like that.


17 Fire Extinguishers = 170.000 points
62.184 (from game) + 170.000 (FEs) = 232.184 points

I’m gonna upload the run soon as a funny edited montage :slight_smile:


1/3 of the editing is done huehue, the video will probably come out tomorrow


Holy… congrats, man. You might just win this with those hoarder tendencies.

I’ll be trying this contract tomorrow, if not then saturday. I’ve got the time.


Just gonna say that if I win, I’ll only post on monday because I’ll be at a concert in sunday.


I followed the rules.

That could have gone better. Fun, though.

I stole 5 fire extinguishers (would have been 10 if 47 could use both hands!), so my total score is: 65,865


I died, I got greedy with the fire extinguishers :smile:


Okay, so my computer is having problems posting the picture. I’ll just tell you what I got.

65,650 pts + 4 Fire Extinguishers = 105,650 pts.


I totally forgot about this contract as I was focusing my play time in the chef et. Just remembered now and it doesn’t seem I have enough time to play it. Wanted to have fun with those FEs.


It’s ok. We can wait! :slightly_smiling_face: