Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Will you be able to play before 6 p.m. tomorrow, @immadummee47?

If the answer’s “yes”, and if @Bending_Cheese67 agrees, I personally don’t mind waiting.

But if you know you’re going to be too busy, we’ll declare Bending_Cheese the winner right now.

P.S. Sorry, @DaZucc, as much as I’d like everyone to play your cool and quirky contract, we can’t go too far past the deadline, or things will get messy, and there’ll be no time left to play the next contract. lol


I might be able to but I don’t think we should be changing the rules. The rule was 3 ppl or more and it made the contract expire when it’s suppose to. Let’s just keep it as is. No worries.


OK. Cool.

Well done, @Bending_Cheese67! (I honestly don’t think anyone was going to beat that score, anyway. I couldn’t have found that many fire extinguishers in the building if I’d looked for hours. lol)

Post whenever you’re ready.


I cant post today, someone else go ahead.


Updated sniper contract. I think this one works, but who really knows? Models are so temperamental. lol

Special conditions:

  • The sniper rifle must be smuggled into the Logistics Trailer.

  • You must start on the Red Carpet.

  • You get +200,000 points for killing the target while she’s on the catwalk.


Done, love this style of contract. With bonus, score is 297,690.


Great job.

You showed excellent composure by not killing the target the first, or even the second, time she was on stage, and found a great vantage point from which to strike. (Bonus credit for roleplaying the whole thing, too.)


Just did mine. This was fun. Would have beaten @rattleshnake’s score but I f’d up on missing one camera and didn’t even realize I got recorded even after I shot down 2 cams. :man_facepalming:


I followed the rules

I even tried being all serious and walking instead of running around like I usually do but I got spotted pretty early on so I gave up on that playstyle :slight_smile:

Got her on the runway but since I lost the never spotted bonus it didn’t really matter.


I just had an idea that I’d like to run by here, what if we took a week out to do a complete main mission run in our style? On professional mode would be my preference, and if I had to set restrictions it might look like this:

-main start entrance
-basic loadout of ica1911, fiber wire and coins with smuggled points open
-no coin fetching or FE drops (pro mode already makes FE drops almost impossible anyway)

What do you guys think? Average out the scores each player gets out of the six missions, player with the highest average is the winner.


seems good, blind no restarts all missions in pro mode, add the score of all missions to be the score of each player.


Not gonna be able to play this one. My arm is broken :face_with_head_bandage:


Well that’s no good! Wish you a speedy recovery.


Thanks! 202020202020


I’m sorry to hear that, DaZucc. Get better soon!

Positive thoughts. Tom Cruise broke his ankle filming Mission Impossible and he’s already running and jumping out of planes again. lol


Sounds good.

As the winner of the current contract, would you choose the restrictions? (I’m fine with that.)

P.S. My only concern is that six contracts, even in a week, is quite a lot (we currently play two and sometimes can’t even manage that). So I’m not sure I’d have time to play all six and give them my best considering I have very little experience on the pro maps and I move like a snail at the best of times. lol

But if everyone’s happy with a week, so am I. I’ll do my best.


I hope you get better soon @DaZucc !

I’m not sure I will have time to play all mission until next wednesday, I’ll be traveling a lot the rest of this week and the middle of next week but I’ll try to fit it in, sounds fun, and challenging I haven’t played on pro for a long time. :slight_smile:


I think all 6 would be too much. I like the idea though.
Oh and if pro mode is used, leave FEs as it has restrictions in its use already.


What if we split it into two parts. One week for 3 episodes with its winner and then anothet week with another 3 and a separate winner. After that an additional contract can be made to determine the ultimate winner but it’s unnecessary


I like @UnitedFyodor’s suggestion of splitting the missions, let’s begin now with Paris-Marrakesh with the deadline being a week today, next wednesday. This next week’s winner choosing possible restrictions for Bangkok-Hokkaido.

If this is set in place, then I’ll leave the restrictions mostly as I made them earlier. Here we are:

Mission Statement

The Showstopper, World of Tomorrow and A Gilded Cage on professional difficulty with our already established contest rules in place.

Restrictions will be the same for each mission:

-must begin at main starting entrance

-loadout must be ica19, fiber wire and coin of choice. Smuggled slots open entirely.

-no fetch trick (this does not mean no distractions or single drops, just no fetching)

If that sounds good, then I think we can get started.