Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Seems good.


I’m not that familiar with the terminology.

Are we still allowed to bump into someone and then use a coin-drop to lure him?


Yeah, the fetch trick is when you drop a coin/duck/whatever, pick up the object and quickly throw it farther away to “fetch” the npc to the object they are locked into when they first see it.


Cool, thanks for clarifying.

That restriction is no great hardship for me because I can barely do that trick anyway. lol


Well done, @immadummee47 and @Chillyschrimp. Just watched your vids of my sniper contract.

Immadummee, I can tell you haven’t used the logistics trailer often. lol

And, yeah, you were unlucky getting spotted by the camera; you were just focused on the guard.

Chilly, I think you still roleplayed it pretty well, despite being spotted. You made a cool getaway.


Was it that obvious? :joy::joy:
I might have use that spot maybe once or twice before.

Ya you’re right. When I went back to watch it, I was so focused on the guard and then thinking if I should leave him there or not and I totally missed the notification of being recorded.


Just another quick question. That does mean we can smuggle an item in, right?

(Because I played the first mission and I already kinda did. lol)


Yeah, any smuggled item in any smuggling spot is fine.


I haven’t played pro in so long that I died in all three. Lol. I forgot of those cameras and new guards and such that I did some things and then Combat. It ain’t no joke. Lol.

Be extra careful. Take your time.


Okay going now, will upload the whole session when I’m done.

Edit: It went… okay enough lol. Video coming in about an hour.


Okay here we are. Paris went very well, was my only SA of the bunch. I thought this before but I’ll reiterate it here, Paris has the best pro mode design imo. World of Tomorrow got a little hairier, and I straight up failed A Gilded Cage. My total for this round, between Paris and Sapienza, is 649,083.


I followed the rules.

In all three contracts, I eliminated the first target flawlessly and made a stupid, avoidable mistake going after the second. Huurrr-durrrr. :neutral_face:

I survived all three, at least. The closest I came to dying was some extreme embassy CQC (Snaaaake!)


Paris. 4/5 stars. 368,772 points.
Sapienza. 2/5 stars. 181,089 points.
Marrakesh. 3/5 stars. 276,135 points.

Total points: 825,996


I followed the rules

Let’s just say that Paris went ok and then it got worse and worse :slight_smile:

It was only after I had already started Sapienza that I remembered that we were allowed to smuggle something in, but it didn’t help me in Marrakesh anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So 312,378 in total for me


I did the same thing on Paris, then by the time I remembered for Sapienza I couldn’t even think of anything I wanted to bring lol.

For anyone that sill wants to take their go before we begin part 2, the deadline is tomorrow 1pm est.

Edit: seems like you’re going to win this round @David47, I’m ready when you are with whatever restrictions you might have.


Yeah, I don’t have time for the part 1 stuff before 1pm.
I’ve been busy. Had a tooth removal last Thursday (makin’ room for braces), so I was slowly recovering over the weekend.
Other games/shows have occupied my time as well, so there’s the root of my inactivity.

I can play the part 2 stuff this week though.


OK, Part 2.

I’m going to maintain the simplicity and the integrity of Rattleshnake’s idea and keep things virtually the same. The only little tweak I’m making is that 47 has received a minor gear upgrade from Diana since Marrakesh; he now has access to a few more loadout options (see below).


Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido (professional difficulty).

Special conditions:

  • You must begin at the main starting point.

  • Your loadout options are: ICA-19, Custom 5mm, Silverballer, coins, fibrewire, concealable knife, concealable baton, red duck, yellow duck, explosive phone. (In addition, you can smuggle any item you like, anywhere you like, just like last time.)

  • No “coin fetch” trick allowed.

Edit (important!): In Hokkaido, you are not allowed a loadout. All slots – including the smuggled item slot – must be left empty. This is to make it fair for people who haven’t unlocked those options yet on Professional Difficulty. (Like me. :wink:) Plus, having no gear is a good challenge for 47’s final mission of the event.

Let’s just say that security is so tight at the hospital that 47 has been forced to undertake the mission completely “naked”, as they say. All items and weapons must be procured on site.

Deadline: Next Wednesday at 6 GMT, 1 EST.


I think I can post my score before I even attempt this:
Bangkok, maybe ~10K if Im lucky
Colorado, certain death
Hokkaido, without loadout a negative score might just be possible! :wink:


It’s Here!!! huehuehuehue


Great job! Very well done on the editing!


It wasn’t until I came to the part with all the fire extinguisher that I realized why the hell you posted that video in this thread :smile:
I guess my memory is as bad as my Hitman form :blush:

Very well done!