Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules

I think I was pretty spot on with my estimation :rofl:
Colorado went even worse than I expected and on Hokkaido I just made a stupid mistake that caused my death.



I just played Bangkok and I SA’d it (alllmost) … but then I died ten feet from freedom because I threw an object to pull a guard out of position and accidentally attracted another guard who was outside a door. I was so irritated at being spotted in that fashion that I fought and died, throwing away all my hard work. :persevere: lol

Slow clap to me for having such a cool head. :sunglasses:

So, on pro difficulty, can guards hear thrown objects through doors? I thought doors blocked out all sound.


I followed the rules

Hour-long video for anyone that’s interested, there’s a long waiting period a the back-end of Hokkaido that’s worth skipping. Overall, went well enough I’d say.

Total score for this round is 1,245,000


I had an absolute terrible run at these. Haven’t played pro in soooo long. Lol.


Part 1… Paris>Sapienza>Marrakesh: My scores.

PARIS: Dead.



Yeaaaahh, I’m really bad at pro. I tried to roleplay a bit more in these runs (i.e. less running, “cool” sneaky stealth) but it’s just the huge alteration in level routes that gets me. NPCs being in new places, small items being in the pockets of NPCs (I mean, they couldn’t have left one out somewhere?).

I died in Paris after someone saw me knock out a kitchen staff behind the bar. I wanted to poison the hors-d’oeuvres to get Novikov’s guard isolated. Guards found me, I died.
Couldn’t figure out how to get to Dalia safely, or what route to use.
I died in Marrakesh when infiltrating the School. I can only imagine how hard Colorado will be.


Yeah at so many times I was like:
-Whops can’t go that way on pro because they’ve put another guard there
-Whops there is a new camera there
-Whops can’t pick up that random object because its suspicious
-Whops enforcers hear you run behind them
-Whops you get killed almost immediately by gun fire

I guess it because we have played countless contracts on normal and some routes and methods get hardwired into your brain… at least that’s true in my case :laughing:

So I’m very impressed with your score! @rattleshnake


My final two results.

I was doing really well in Colorado, pulling off moves and distractions that I’d never even attempted before, and I had the exact thought, “I’m good – I think I’m actually going to SA this” … precisely five seconds before some rando spotted me KO a guard and ten seconds before I was shot dead. Pride was my downfall. lol

At least I went out on a high note. Destroyed Soders’ heart, which is my all-time go-to kill method, and used Yoga Fire on Yuki (metaphorically speaking). Dhalsim actually looks like Indian 47 there. lol

P.S. Well done, @rattleshnake. Great job under these conditions. Looks like you’re going to win.


Well thank you, I can’t post a contract at the moment because I don’t have a ps4 controller so someone else can go.

Relevant to our last couple rounds, I love these six missions. After eight or so years of playing Blood Money on loop it felt magical to have Hitman missions that I felt were comparable. Now with season 2 supposedly looming just over the horizon, I’m so glad that we even have this game to enjoy and share to begin with. Long live Hitman, onto season 2!


Let’s do the same but with bonus missions kappa huehue


Patient Zero by any chance?


Patient zero would be a good idea.
But what happened to your controller, @rattleshnake?


I broke it getting mad about dumb stuff lol, I’m borrowing one off a friend this evening.

Patient Zero sounds like an awesome idea. Should we set restrictions, or just leave it as is?


lol. Been there done that.

You’re the winner so you decide


Okay, I’ll go same rules as last time.

Patient Zero campaign

Loadout restricted to ICA19, fiber wire and coins. Smuggled item completely open for selection. With how well guarded the targets are, I don’t think a fetch trick rule would even matter but I’ll impose it anyways.

Good hunting everyone, deadline next wednesday 1pm est.


No instinct and stuff as well, right?


Yeah, our typical contest rules still apply on top of those restrictions.


This is going to be an extremely authentic (and probably brief) roleplay experience for me because I’ve only completed the second Patient Zero mission once (with a bad score), and I haven’t played the final mission at all. I believe there’s some sort of virus to contend with. Lovely. :fearful: lol


Am I allowed to play this one on PC?


Yeah for sure, go ahead.


I honestly would love to see a recording of your blind run for the final PZ mission, it’s unexpected, different and really neat.