Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I reckon that I’ll do ok with the source, SA Author and Vector, and get absolutely smashed in the last one.


OK, I’ll record it and post it. Set either two hours or sixty seconds aside to watch it, depending on how I do. lol


At least Patient Zero doesn’t have pro mode… right? :thinking:


Wow. I did bad, bad, bad.
Part 2: Bangkok>Colorado>Hokkaido


I made no progress. As I was going towards where the Point Man was, I recklessly grabbed a nearby kitchen knife from the outdoor kitchen area. I didn’t realise that would be illegal, since I was stuck in the “Normal mode” mindset.
Cue 8 guards pointing their ARs at me. You can guess what happened next.

So, I almost did well. I got the fugu fish poison, waited for Yamazaki, served it to her… and then bumped into her on the way out, making her “drop” the fugu fish, interrupting her animation. She left for a phone call afterwards. So, I snuck into her dining area, stabbed her, and walked away. Her body was found. As I snuck into the surgery area (I got a security disguise) I hadn’t realized there would be cameras (or where new ones would be) So, I got spotted, a guard found me, and as he escorted me away I subdued him. The biggest mistake I forgot to realize that the camera was still above me. D’oh.
Cue 3 guards coming from both ends of the stairs, pointing their ARs at me. You can guess what happens next.


I just died in the second mission after a moment of carelessness. I don’t do well under time restrictions.

I was trying my best and getting into the RP spirit, so the death really annoyed me. It’s funny how a mere game can bring out your emotions. I just clenched my teeth, but in my head, for a few moments there, I was like, “FUCK YOU, LIFE!!! WHY U DO ME LIKE DIS?!!!” and wondering how far I’d be able to throw my PS4 if I really put my back into it. lol

I’m calm now, though. :sweat_smile:

Gonna replay the mission soon so that I “succeeded” before moving onto the next elusive.

P.S. I think things are only going to get worse, though, 'cause I have zero experience in the next two missions.


I think without instinct, that last mission will be super difficult depending on how fast you go.


I completely understand, two nights ago I came like one good breath away from not having a phone anymore. I’ve lost more than one controller failing at Hitman lol.


lol. Glad I’m not alone.

I’m usually calm, even in defeat, but when you’re really making an effort and then you get screwed over by some petty little mistake – or, worse, bad luck – the injustice of it can make your blood boil.

That sounds ominous, Chicken. Is there some kind of time restriction in the final mission, too? I’m pretty confident in my abilities as long as I can take my sweet time.


There’s not a time restriction exactly, but I will say that you may be using the pause map a lot.


I broke a controller or two (actullay it was three in total) back when I took Fifa pretty seriously. For some reason I smack my own forehead when I fail at Hitman, no-one at work has noticed yet but I think I might be developing a bulge or some kind of permanent rash soon enough :grinning:


Well, I don’t want to spoil it.

There is something special in it, it makes things a bit harder, but I just hope losing instinct doesn’t make it impossible to see. The map needs to be useful.


@David47, just play the final mission and don’t forget to set your recording time to 1hr. I think you’ll need it. :joy: then bring the video here.


Did well with Nabazov, but I forgot about Yulduz going to the maltia area once Nabazov died. Got spotted within the miltia comp and you can guess what happened.

Went as expected.

Also went as expected.

Suprised myself with this one, got that surgeon before Owen walked past and I let them burn.


I’ve been having problems connecting to the servers. Played the first mission offline but after completing it I realized it doesn’t give you a score when you play offline (I’ve honestly never played offline). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I didn’t die this time. :joy:


My results:

Garrotted both targets.

Super-fan went somewhere he shouldn’t have and got shot dead, because apparently gunning down enthusiastic fans with no warning isn’t excessive. lol

Didn’t expect a sniper contract with this one. That was cool. Gives me high hopes for the Sniper mode in Hitman 2. And maybe IO can introduce more ways to stealth-snipe targets in story missions.

This is essentially my results page for my blind run of the final contract. lol

I retired after realizing I was going to have to wipe out the entire facility. I assume there’s a way to prevent such a catastrophic outbreak, but I don’t know what it is yet.

On the upside, I didn’t die, despite getting infected, which I’m pretty pleased about.


What happened at 5:17-5:37? I don’t understand why he suddenly became an enforcer? Anyone know? Maybe coins are illegal. :joy:

But what did you think of that final mission? I had to basically kill everyone. Haha.


I was confused about that, too. But I realized afterwards that 47 mustn’t have been allowed in that room that I lured the guard into, even wearing the doctor’s outfit. He saw me as trespassing.

I thought it was cool. Glad to see IO experimenting. (I feel like they’re borrowing ideas from our thread, We’ve come up with some quirky stuff along these lines. Hmm. :thinking: lol)


Failed The Source, I’ll take my go at the last three now.

Zero stars on The Author
Three stars on The Vector
aaaaand 1 star for Patient Zero


Well done, @DaZucc. Excellent job. I didn’t think anyone was going to beat you with that score.

I assume we’re returning to normal contracts now, so post whenever you’re ready.