Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)



Well, this went really well. Drowned Nabazov, but my game was glitched, and Yulduz wouldn’t leave the ritual room. She just kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for nothing. I expected to go on or leave or something, but no.
I had to trigger a lockdown (while narrowly avoiding the guards who would search for me). Luckily, that made her stuck in her bedroom, never leaving. So, that was lucky since no one goes in there, (or, the guard who was supposed to go in there was stuck on loop entering and leaving the room next door). It was not a pretty run, but it all turned out fine.

Yeah, I took way too long. I expected to find some sort of Emetic Poison, get a waiter disguise, and then poison Craig Black’s drink. I had also expected to snipe Akram just as he left his room for the meeting, (and his body would fall back into the room as he opened the door :wink: ) I was so excited for this great run planned in my head.
But, that’s all it was. Planned in my head.
I *didn’t know where to find a waiter disguise, and I wasted my time looking for the wrong person to steal the invite from. I did not know the layout of the level’s changes, and I stumbled across an open bakery/winery. Spent too much time admiring the location and figuring out how to get a disguise that when I got one, the targets were already on their way to the meeting. I got there just as it finished. So, I recklessly killed Craig as he entered the Sapienza alleyways, tried to kill Akram but every guard was in the area and they shot me to death. Oh well.


Without Instinct, this mission was AMAZING. Keeping track of Bradley was a bit of a challenge, since you’re either zoomed in or looking from afar (like really, really far). I knew part of his route so I got him quickly. I tried to electrocute him by the garage, but I must have missed the power bar by a few pixels. He got shot in the leg and died instantly.
But the coolest part of the mission was tracking down the escaping patients. There was no instinct, no icon, and not even a map to use. So, when the time came, you really had to scan the full environment from the tower. If you were good, you’d probably be able to spot a running black dot, and that was your man. Luckily, I managed to hit every single guy who ran. Ever since IO implemented the bullet lag, it’s been hard for me to pinpoint where to shoot when someone’s moving. I was very proud of myself for doing so.


Okay, luckily the map was useful. I used my usual tactic of going to the hospital washrooms and luring a hazmat guy in there. I also took down the first infected nurse just before she exited towards the outside world (there was also a nearby guard who would have seen me had she taken 2 more steps). Doing so made me miss the opportunity of burning Klaus and Owen the first time around. And later, when Owen got back out for another checkup, someone new got infected. I don’t know who or where, but my priority by that point was to take care of Patient Zero before he could spread more. So, I got both targets in the frying pan, and went on for the infected.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of certain limitations (the area around what used to be the power room is off limits to hazmats), and someone spotted me. I tried to take down each one as silently as possible, but someone discovered a body at one point and everyone started searching for me. Given that a few guards were infected, they spotted me as I went for them, and I escaped in a hail of bullets atop the mountain ridge.

This was fun though. The Vector without instinct is really interesting since you have to rely on good eyesight and the large vantage point to find the (now unmarked) targets.


Well done, @TheChicken. I like your descriptions.

Yeah, I got really lucky there. I thought I was screwed when Diana said he was running for it because I hadn’t been keeping track of him, didn’t really know what he looked like, was playing the mission for the first time so didn’t know his routes, and of course had no instinct.

I just stopped aiming and scanned the place from a distance, virtually resigned to defeat; but then I was lucky enough to spot a little guy running through the orchard, and I got him.

P.S. To everyone: let’s give DaZucc a few more hours to respond; he’s probably busy. Then if someone else has a contract and wants to post, he can.


Sorry for the late response guys, my internet has been terrible. I won’t be able to post a contract, since the only way I am posting this is with cafe wifi. Someone else post. Preferably @David47 since it was his first time doing some of the missions, and he did very well! But anyone can feel free to post as well!


Thanks, DaZucc. Hope you get your internet sorted out soon.

OK, guys, here’s the contract:

Special conditions:

  • You must eliminate the target in under 20 minutes or she detonates the grenade and you fail the mission.

  • No “fetch” trick and no coin lure allowed (scroll down to see what I mean by “coin lure”).

(Before starting, switch the mission timer on. After you’ve killed the target, switch the mission timer off.)


But why? You could have just made a timer complication. Or you forgot? What’s the reasoning behind this, dr.sir?


I anticipated this question. lol

I didn’t forget; there’s a reason.

The timer complication causes you to fail if you don’t complete the mission (i.e. exit the level) in a certain time.

But in this scenario, the danger ends as soon as you kill the target (i.e. neutralize the person holding the grenade). There’s no reason for the clock to keep running after that, because there’s no risk of an explosion. To run out of time and fail after killing the target wouldn’t make sense.


I just added another condition that forbids using the coin-fetch trick. I’m not sure it’d work in this instance, anyway; but if it does it could break the contract.

Expect coin-fetch bans to be pretty mandatory in my future contracts (and not just because I’m jealous that I can’t do them very well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


You should specify “fetch trick”, not coin fetch trick. Cuz technically you can fetch with other items too. Just so there’s no confusion or “loopholes”.


Then the run i did an hour ago is invalid huehue


Damn. Sorry. It only just occurred to me to ban it.

What score did you get?


SA, 5-something minutes


So you used the coin-trick to lure the target somewhere and then shot her point-blank with the sniper rifle? lol

The point of the contract was to make players think carefully about the best location to snipe from, and the super OP coins just make that sort of challenge irrelevant.

If you have time, have another try without the coin trick. I’m curious to see how you do. :slight_smile:


I´ll give it another go tomorrow :slight_smile:


Cool. Sorry again that I didn’t include that special condition right away.


It’s ok, nothing to be sorry about :slight_smile:


Edit: I’m adding another special condition.

  • No coin “lure” allowed, either. (That means no bumping into someone, dropping the coin, bumping into them again and repeating it to lead them somewhere.) You can only throw the coins as distractions, the way they’re meant to be thrown!

Damn coins, screwing up all my best-laid plans. :persevere: lol

You know those coin-tricks wouldn’t work in real life, either. People aren’t that stupid. I’m gonna ban 'em all.

P.S. If you already played and used the coin lure on anyone who’s not the target, that’s fine.


I played the contract and forgot to post it. Did anyone else play it? Since 3 didn’t play, I guess Contract is extended to Wednesday. I’ll post my results a bit later.


Here are my results from the other day.


I’ll take my go tonight or tomorrow, preoccupied this last week.


Getting an SA isn’t the point of the contract. I think about a 3/5 is the best possible given the conditions.

The target has to be sniped near a group meaning a noticed kill and then a found body, obviously. The challenge is in pulling off the shot undetected.

So Immadummee47’s score is better than it seems. lol