Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Had I brought a certain item and a bit (or a lot) of patience, SA is very possible, even Suit Only without the fetch trick.


I did very poorly, wound up getting shot fisticuffing a responding guard on some stairs lol. Assault rifles are no joke.


What item is that? Mr Napoleon Blownapart? I’ve noticed you’re quite the expert with that little guy.




I made the dumb decision of taking one of the silenced Jager snipers. I forgot they don’t have a zoom (I assumed it would have 2x). Also, the palm trees blocking my view from the “West Bazaar Rooftops” is a clever trick.
I could have tried to snipe her from ground level, but I wanted the true sniper experience. So, with my basic soldier disguise, I went up to the second floor of the consulate. (I did get spotted here for tresspassing. Apparently the “trespassing zone” starts right at the landing of the main staircase two feet in front of the guard, not beside like how it usually is, so I had no room to approach and guess the area restriction). Anyway, I snuck up to Strandberg’s room, took out the “terrorist”, and booked it. On my way out, just to cause a bit of panic, I pulled the fire alarm. For some odd reason, the guards went into hunting mode even though I hadn’t been spotted doing anything illegal, or left any traces of bodies in the consulate, so they insta-spotted me as soon as I was near them.

Luckily, I escaped with a decent score in hand. I think I kind of like Sniper-based contracts without Instinct. It’s fun to rely on the target’s picture and general whereabouts of the NPC on the map (or lack of it in PZ).


Excellent work, Chicken! You used the sniping spot that I used. Clear out Strandberg’s room and you have a quiet place and a line-of-sight through the blinds..

Please put that part of your description in spoilers though because figuring out where to snipe from is the challenge of the contract, and there’s still a day left until the new deadline. I wouldn’t want other people simply reading it and copying your approach. They should have to think for themselves like you did. :slight_smile:


Right, spoiler-tagged my description. Sorry about that.


I want to apologise for my absence, the world cup has stolen a lot of my time :smile:

Will try this one later tonight!


Here i am. I’m back to this thread @David47 I tried the contract Here are my results. Fun thing to figure out where to snipe and try to shoot the right target in a crowd of peoples :grin:


At first glance I thought it was a member of the printing crew…
Took me a while to try and figure out if she was going to move or not.

Ended up taking a cheap shot:


I shouted from the opposite corner near the palm :joy:


Don’t think anyone else is going to post now …

Well done @Chillyschrimp and @SquillyV. Your scores were extremely close.

But it looks like the win is yours, SquillyV. Congrats!

Using 47’s secret Skyrim shout power instead of your sniper rifle was smart. Saves bullets.


Just kidding. I know you meant “shot”. :slight_smile:


Yes i used the fus ro dah skill :joy: anyway I don ‘ t have the time to make a new contract for the moment so I use a contract of mine that is a sequel to a contract that I already used for this thread. Here.

there is one special condition and is to exit the level with the plague doctor disguise. Good luck guys.


I followed the rules.

And I died.

God, the bodyguard went into combat mode instantly. Is that how they always react when you’re wearing the plague-doctor outfit? lol

I had fun ninjaring around, killing people like a looney for a few minutes, though, before my luck ran out.

I know I could have SA’d this and I think someone will. I just messed up my plan by choking out the wrong person (someone I needed awake), and then underestimating the super-sensory perceptions of Carusso’s no-doubt biologically enhanced, T-virus injected bodyguards.


After watching your video on PZ (good job by the way, I understand that killing the entire facility would be a monumental task), I’ve got a bit of a tip.

Much like normal targets, you can still use the “Target Information” [R1] to locate Infected Patients (who are considered targets in the mission) without instinct, provided you’re standing in front of them. It would probably be easier and less tedious to do that rather than “open the map, check for targets, go to location, ensure the target in front of you is a target on the map, execute”.
You can simply check using the normal method.


I followed the rules and holy hell…

I saw this thread and thought to myself “Hey, this is a fun idea. I might give it a go.”

Gave this ‘elusive target’ a shot and died almost instantly.

Really quite tough without the minimap and instinct (as someone who has never tried turning these off). The guards turned on me immediately as soon as they saw me which didn’t help either.

Ah well, hopefully I’ll get better luck next time around.

Now to practice playing HITMAN without the minimap and instinct…


Yes it is just fun when you will be used to. Ah and you have to turn off even the white dots (npc icon) on their head, so you can’t ever stay calm when you run around while disguised.


That’s exactly it. It’s just a matter of getting used to this new gameplay. Perhaps I should of practiced before rather than after I did my attempt :joy:


I followed the rules.

Was going ok until Flat cap walked through a closed door and saw me with a knife.

Also, my internet is back


I followed the rules
In my head this was easy, turns out I was wrong :laughing:

Sorry for the poor image quality but I cant find my usb memory stick.


I know, right. Same. I was sure I was going to get 5/5 stars … until I spectacularly didn’t.