Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


This was super easy. How many times I’ve killed The Caruso 3 pack just made this a breeze. But I almost screwed it up as one lure led to almost spotted and instant combat situation. lol.


@David47 and I also thought this was easy, we just didn’t feel like showing off like you did :wink:


My impressive score lol


Hey, ya did better than me!


So is @immadummee47 the winner? Or is the deadline Wednesday?

I’ve been in and out here for a couple of weeks so I’m not really up to speed with the contract duration atm :grinning:


I totally forgot about this but I can’t post at the moment, so I’ll do something “interesting”. I found a contract that I wanted to play a week ago but I didn’t play it yet so I don’t have any knowledge of any of the targets, which means I can play it too. :slight_smile:

Here’s the contract ID and targets.
ID: 2-07-7268921-94


I followed the rules.

Yes, game, that is a “detailed” score … thank you. :thinking:

My results screen bugged out, but I got spotted and unconscious bodies were found, so I think that’s a 3/5?


I got this in the last contract. If you go to the leaderboards, it should still show the score. Double check to see if it registered.


Good idea. Yeah, I’m there … bottom of the list. :blush:

3/5 stars/Hitman symbols, or whatever you wanna call 'em. 95,156 points.


Did it SA!

Granted, it took me a while and I had a very close encounter with a guard who was investigating an accident explosion scene. Completely forgot that they become enforcers (see through your suit).

But anyways… huzzah for me!


This turned out pretty good and bad for me. Lol.

The first target was a little choppy for me.

The second target became a bit easier when the obvious occurred.

The third target became a huge headache when I couldn’t get what I wanted due to the fear of being wallhacked right from a door entrance then attack.
But then when I finally tried it, I pressed the wrong button so I had to improvise. Luckily for me, I was able to get something to fix my big ass mistake.
If you watch it, you’ll know what I mean.


This one’s for the previous contract, sorry… I forgot to post it soon after completing it early Sunday.

I used the VHS tape technique to lure Silvio and his guards into the observatory. Unfortunately, as I was on my way to acquire it (dressed in a Kitchen Assistant disguise), I passed by an Enforcer guard. [facepalm].

I will say one good thing though! I’ve learned to roleplay 47 a whole lot more in these contracts. I don’t run as much, and only do when I’m in a hurry to catch a target, I try to calculate a whole lot of what my next move will be.
So… @David47, your methods of gameplay please me. I’ve learnt to love it.


I’m glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Chasing high scores can be fun, but I never truly feel like 47 unless I roleplay, and all of the rules in this contest are designed to encourage that approach.

Glad I’m not the only one who appreciates it. If it were, I suppose this thread would have died long ago. lol

And now that Season 2 has been announced, I think it’ll be going strong for a little longer.


Okay, here’s this contract’s score. It went really well.

So, this was essentially a game of “follow the target until you see an opportunity” and it was much more prominent here than usual.
Jeff, I killed with a nearby van. I saw he was walking towards it, I hid behind it, tried to shoot it to get oil to leak out but I didn’t know where. Nothing near the fuel valve or rear of the car worked. But luckily anything can explode if you shoot at it enough. Which is what I did. I nearly got spotted as a guard came to investigate both the car alarm and the explosion, but I hid my gun just as he came into my field of view (and he locked eyes with me). Phew.
Connor, I did it by sheer magic. Technically. There’s this scooter near the consulate that you can cause an oil leak – and because Connor is the only nearby NPC (as the other characters are just crowd-stuffers who are completely blind… I think so because I did an illegal action near-ish them: oil leak) hide behind the nearby truck, shoot the oil, boom.
Elijah was mostly luck due to the fact that I had brought an Emetic syringe in case I needed a drowning accident. Which I did. It was a simple lure into the Shisha bathroom and glug, glug, glug he’s swimming with the fishes.

So, I’m happy about this. Broke my Elusive streak of Not-SA-because-of-silly-mistake-runs. (Though I’m not so pleased that I’m on top right now. I didn’t expect this, I’m not ready yet!!)


I followed the rules

That went… well not great :grin:

I went back and forth between the targets trying to find the best kill spot for them. Missed one with a car explosion so the area got crowded. Went to the guy by the sisha bar and got him with a coin lure -> drowning. Went back to the other two and got one of them with a unfortunate scooter accident. Then I missed the other last one and went berserk. I subdued him in the crowd, dragged him next to a car and shot it like 10 times until it exploded. It’s more or less a miracle that I managed to escaped the mission…


Okay, so it’s past 1pm ET over here. I guess I won this one?

I don’t have a contract prepared just yet, but I’ll see what I can come up with in the next hour or so…
Stay tuned.


Well done! Was this really your first win? I might have read to much into your mission debriefing but congrats anyhow :grinning:


No, no. This isn’t my first win.
It’s my first win in a long time, but this is just one win of many probably not that many. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, I did my best here, as I wanted some really strange extra objectives.
Next time I’ll aim for something “normal”. I swear.
I give you… PIZZA TIME
To get you in the mood: It’s the Pizza Time official theme song!

Contract: < ID = 2-03-9935236-01 >

Contract Details:
This is both an assassination contract and a delivery contract.


  • You must eliminate Maria Fretto and Renardo Camerini in the cyclist disguise.
  • You must deliver 3 “pizzas” to various locations in the level in the cyclist disguise. (Locations below)
  • –> Each pizza you deliver within the time limit of 20 minutes is worth 10,000 points (Up to a total of 30,000 bonus points). Don’t delay: Any pizza not delivered after 20 minutes becomes free and is worth nothing!
  • –> You have a time limit of 20 minutes to deliver the pizzas and kill the targets. You do not receive the 10k bonus points for each pizza not delivered, and if you take too long you won’t receive the 10k objectives bonus for not exiting the level in time…

Before starting the mission, you must bring 3 devices from the list below at the start of the mission.
These are considered the pizzas you will deliver.
NOTE: YOU CANNOT USE THESE ITEMS. They are considered dummy items, and have makeshift ICA packaging containing the pizzas instead of their usual use of explosives or speaker distractions.

Choose 3 pizzas from this list to bring in your inventory and smuggle point:

  • ICA Remote Explosive
  • ICA Remote Audio Distraction
  • ICA Proximity Explosive
  • Mixtape 47
    They cannot be a Duck, Iconator, Napoleon, or other explosive due to their non-pizza shape…

The Locations to deliver the pizzas (in your cyclist disguise) are:

Location #1

Mario Salatore is hard at work under the church well. You may deliver the pizza at either of these locations.


Location #2

These two fishermen have had a long day. You may deliver the pizza at any spot near them in this location.

Location #3

Silvio Caruso has ordered a pizza. Deliver it to his Dining Room, preferably the main Dining table.

{If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions in improving this contract for the next time I make something crazy (I know it could use a lot of improvement, as it seems a bit cluttered and chaotic) do tell me and I’ll note it down.}
Happy Hunting® – courtesy of Buck Hunter’s Pizza.

This contract expires on Sunday, July 1st, at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST


This looks hilarious. But using proximity might cause non target kill as it countinously lures. So just a heads up.