Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Proximity continuously lures?

When testing this contract a bit, I didn’t find that to happen. I forgot that it makes a small beep when placing it, but after interrupting the distracted NPC from walking to his death, no one else came to check on it, and I heard no other beeps.


Oh really? Maybe they patched it cuz it was like that a while ago.


I don’t know. I’m testing that theory right now. Will report my findings soon.


Ya it’s supposed to work like the yellow duck. Or at least it was like that after a patch. Not sure if it was intentional or not.


Okay, it doesn’t seem to continuously attract NPCs. I put in near a group of NPCs, they all turned towards the first beep, I interrupted the distracted individual, and everyone went back to what they were doing.
So, they may have patched it after all.
(And yeah I understand how dangerous the proximity explosive is, but I left that in due to its larger shape and for those who hadn’t unlocked later items like the Mixtape.)


SA (159,533) + 3 pizzas delivered (30,000) = 189,533
I almost used my devices as lures. Wasted time when I forgot a pizza. The owner was really pissed. But I still delivered it on time. Hopefully none of the pizzas aren’t cold. :joy:

Male target was easy as I knew where his start position is and that’s why I started where I did. Luckily I got the female target there too so my plan worked out perfectly.

This was fun as we haven’t had additional objectives in a while. Not sure if anyone wants to watch a 17+ min vid, but I was super careful as I really wanted to SA this. Caruso’s Manson was the only tough part as I took a bad route and I nearly got caught as I was leaving. I don’t know how he didn’t see me when he was like 2 feet away. :rofl:


I followed the rules.

Fun contract. All three pizzas delivered, not without difficulty.

Should have gotten 4/5, but I panicked at the end and got lost in the sewer that I’ve been in a hundred times. lol

Still, as someone who usually moves at 1 mph and who crumbles under time restrictions, I’m pretty pleased with myself. This could have gone soooo much worse for me.


I died, I guess they didn’t like their pizza very much :smile:

I wont be playing for the next few weeks because I’m going on holiday on Sunday.

See ya’ll later in the end of July!


Have a nice time, Chilly.


Thank you! I wish all of you a nice summer!


Having got caught up in a shootout at Caruso’s I died also.

I would like to say that I stood my ground and died fighting. But I died screaming and running

And it was going all so well…


Congrats @immadummee47 for the win!

The floor is yours…


Looks like I won and didn’t realize. Anyways, here’s the next contract.

No disguise changes: optional
No pacifications: optional
No non targets: full complication - so if you get into combat, run your ass away. Do not kill anyone else except targets.
Required exit is front gate.
GL Agents.

Also, @Hitman_Lee wanted to join along and play since he’s into purist mode. So another player joins the fold. Remember, to see the Op for the rules for a reminder.


Followed the rules but screwed up what should have been an easy SA.

The guards on patrol on the second floor spotted me and I ended up surprising myself with an astonishing display of self-control when I didn’t shoot them and finished the mission.

I honestly didn’t know I had it in me.



image yes I have done a shitty run after they discovered me I have just survived


Not too sure if this thread is experiencing a lull or something…

Nevertheless, it has been more than 48 hours and it seems like I won with an atrocious run of the previous contract.

So here’s the next:

Three’s a crowd…


Sorry, I missed the deadline for that contract. That’s the first contract I haven’t managed to play in a long time.

Yeah, lulls are inevitable. The turn-out’s never been that high, just enough to sustain a healthy competition. There might be a bit of a spike when Season 2 arrives.

Well done on winning, BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:


I followed the rules.

Aggressive amateur rank: unlocked!

Report: Killed targets, special conditions fulfilled. Can never return to Sapienza again. Profile extremely high.

Good contract. It’s very possible to complete properly. I just got caught out by the plumber. Should have taken care of him before using the sewer as my hunting ground.


Sorry guys, life decided to knock on my door recently.

I’ve finally got a job now for the whole summer.
I’ve got busy weekends, too, for Driving School. (for now).
My Uni which has been on strike from March-June finally decided to end it and move on. I’ve done most of the work that profs were finally able to give to us, and all I’ve got is one course left, but there’s a big paper to write by late next month. This job and the weekend classes are going to take up a lot of my time for that.

I am buuuusy, so my participation here will probably be a lot more limited for the time being, at least for the next week or two. Once my weekends clear up then I’m sure I’ll have more free time to squeeze this in. But if I can’t, I’ll try to survive the summer to come back to this in September. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes.

Good Luck, Agents!


This was super easy.

stupid fetch trick in the sewers for the win :joy: