Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Lol, I rage-quited because I refused to use fetch huehue


@immadummee47 you won. :slight_smile:


Well done, @immadummee47. Even if more had played, I don’t think anyone would have beaten that score.


Oops. I can’t get a contract today. Either someone else post or I’ll get one tm.


Ok got one made now.
Complication is optional: No Pacifications


It goes without saying that the contract has been extended to Sunday …

… but I said it, anyway, just to make it formal. :slight_smile:


I followed the rules.

Nice contract. I’ll post a video tomorrow.



People are obviously occupied because it’s summer, and the World Cup has been on. That’s fine.

Contracts just keep rolling until the next deadline, until they get two players. That way the contest just stops and starts organically, without anyone having to call a break.

So the deadline for this contract is now Wednesday, and then Sunday again, etc. :slight_smile:

P.S. Even though I got an SA, my time is 24 minutes, so it’s beatable.


Maybe we should make the number of players required for a contract to conclude 3 instead of 2?

Even though we’re not regularly getting 2 players right now, that number still feels a bit low to me to constitute a healthy contest, and I really don’t mind contracts being extended repeatedly like this.

Things will likely pick up when Season 2 comes out, as I’ve often said.

What do you guys think?

How many players should have to take part in a contract before that contract ends?

  • 2 players
  • 3 players

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I went earlier this afternoon and stumbled back in with a grand score of 0 lol.


I died. I tried a pistol distraction but auto aim killed him, things escalated from there and the whole of the Himmapan had their guns pointed at me


OK, cool, so the majority have decided that three people must play before a contract expires. And if multiple contracts have to be extended, that’s fine, IMO. It’ll make us appreciate new contracts more when they do arrive. Official elusive targets don’t occur twice a week, after all.

P.S. Here’s my video. Finally got around to posting it. (It’s not bad editing at the end. Recording glitch.)


Hitman hasn’t been letting me connect to the internet all day, so I haven’t been able to make a new contract (always online games; what a wonderful idea! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol)

But, luckily, I was messing around a couple of days ago and I knocked together a back-up.

Special condition:

  • You receive +100,000 points if you hide Netzke’s body in the locker in the ground-floor locker room, the one where the two security guards are having a conversation.

  • You are only allowed to put Netzke’s body inside the locker. You can’t hide any other body inside it. Keep this in mind if you choose to KO the nearby guards.

  • Take a screenshot of Netzke’s body lying next to the locker, before you stash him inside, to prove you completed the objective (assuming you don’t post a video, of course).

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. In this scenario, the base isn’t a training facility and your target is a real general. I don’t know why the place is made out of plywood. Time and/or budget restrictions, I suppose.

The client, for those who are interested, is a corporal formerly in the employee of Netzke, whose career was ruined when Netzke made him a scapegoat for his own money-laundering schemes.


they discovered me so no 100k bonus ooops.


You still get the 100K bonus if you put the body in the right locker.

But I’m guessing you didn’t have time because you were fighting and/or running. lol

Either way, thanks for playing. :slight_smile:


Thanks to you, you guessed right I didn’ Have time to hide the body. Fun contract, anyway. I’m thinking that having special conditions for bonus points is a good choice to player made elusive contracts so we have to put them more often.


Got ‘er done. Had some fun brain farts so I wasted some good time.
The first 1-2 mins of the vid didn’t record for some odd reason but it wasn’t anything special. I just got over the fence, listened to the conversation between 2 mechanics, waited for them to leave, ko’d guard standing there, dumped and took disguise. Then walked in and the video pretty much starts right there.

Score + successfully hid body in locker bonus


Excellent job. How did you lure the target down to the first floor like that? I’m not sure what you did; either I missed it, or I just didn’t get it. lol


Thanks. I moved him with a weapon drop. I knew he’d go to that drop point but I had no idea it was beside the locker room. I honestly got super lucky it was the room beside. :smile: What was your
intention to get him down to the locker room?


I did it by throwing him out of the window in his office and dragging him there, but all credit to you for finding a different way. I’m glad there are multiple ways to accomplish the mission.