Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Hey guys, I’m back!
Is the contract by @David47 still ”active”? I thought I might play some hitman tonight :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes it is. There was a minor rule change. Contracts are now permanently active until three people play.

P.S. Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Not, or now?


Yes, I meant “now”. Well spotted. I’ve changed it. :upside_down_face:


I followed the rules

Kill + hiding the body @ 7:35

My 50+ attempts on the featured contract ”Graduation from candidate to agent” finally paid off :laughing:

It’s very bright in my living room and the traininh facility is probably the hardest map to play since it’s pretty dark. So if I look confused in the video is mainly (only mainly) due to that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great work, Chilly. I saw your video earlier. Looks like everyone took a more sensible approach to getting the target to the locker than I did. lol


Coming back better than ever!


Yeah, well, I died. I picked up a suspicious item (the KGB Letter while wearing the mechanic disguise) … yeah I was really just picking up random things … and couldn’t find a place to hide in time. Every guard lazered me with their assault rifles and I just managed to shoot Cilas in the head before my demise. Oh well, next time, maybe I’ll live.
(Yeah, I’m back now. I’ve got more time for this, so I’ll try to get a contract played every now and again)


Welcome back, Chicken.

Your wording there made me think of Fallout 4. Steal anything in that game and there’s no due process. You literally get lasered by everyone and their sweet old granny until you’re a pile of glowing ash on the ground. lol


Congratulations, @Chillyschrimp! You won in a very close contest.

P.S. @immadummee47, I just bought and downloaded No Man’s Sky and realized what your avatar is. Well … technically I still don’t know what it is, because I haven’t played the game yet, but I know where it’s from.


Thank you! I’m not at home today so I hope you guys don’t mind waiting until tomorrow (it’s around 10 pm where I live) for a new contract.
If anyone else has a contract ready go ahead and post it. Since @immadummee47 score was close to mine I’ll give you first dibs :slightly_smiling_face:


Security clearance
ID: 2-02-0667088-61

Nothing too complicated or difficult. Good luck agents!


I’m playing now, but I can’t get the targets to move at all. I think it’s bugged. They don’t even respond to my bumping into them. Is this an older contract, @Chillyschrimp?

Edit: I got the attention of one of them and now he’s just staring at the coin I dropped, but not walking towards it and not returning to his original position, so it must be bugged. Plus, I considered making a contract in the past using a couple of these targets, and I seem to remember luring them away from their posts just fine.

Damn, I did the first part (destroying the recording equipment) so well. lol

I’m going to back out of the contract without doing anything else and see what others’ experiences are, and then hopefully I can try again when/if things are working properly? :yum:


Just to let everyone know, Immadummee has been suspended for two weeks, which is why he won’t be participating for a while


Thanks for letting us know, DaZucc.


OK, just did a little test: the guards behave the same way in contract-creator, so I don’t think there’s a problem with the contract itself. Do guards just behave that way now, ignoring everything?

If so, then I missed the change and I just messed up my attempt by quitting. lol

I’m going to play the contract again, either way … even if my run is invalid.


Guards in general have the same behaviour they had prior, I haven’t played the contract yet but I know that there are some stationary guards by doors in Paris that don’t react, period.


Yeah, I’m thinking now that there’s nothing wrong with the contract, but something has changed because I remember being able to lure these guards using coins when I was experimenting with my own contract a while ago. That’s what threw me.

It’s OK, I’m going to go again now and see what I can come up with – but my run isn’t official anymore. I’ve seen too much. It wouldn’t be fair.

P.S. That one guard was bugged, though. He kept staring at the place I’d dropped the coin forever and ever. lol

Surely that’s not normal.


I (kinda-sorta) followed the rules. :upside_down_face:

Fun contract. I figured it out!

The first time, I shouldn’t have assumed the contract was broken based on vague past experiences. 'Twas a silly, but entirely honest, mistake.

In my second attempt, I replicated my first attempt as much as I could up to the point that I quit, even though it wasted time and wasn’t necessary (and I did worse, actually, because this time I think I got spotted). I then did the new bit – taking out the guards – cleanly. :persevere: :grin:

P.S. Nice briefing. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to write one.


I honestly wrote yet another silly briefing first but then changed my mind because it didn’t seem fitting for the contract :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you had problems with luring the guards, I didn’t play test the contract but I had no problems during contract creation. I made it today so it’s not an old contract.

I’ve encountered the problem you mentioned sometimes when playing contracts though, not specifically with guards, and the only solution seems to be a restart (which we obviously can’t do) so I hope it was just bad luck. :neutral_face:


Wait … so we are supposed to be able to lure those guards?!

(Yeah, good briefing. It got me in the mood. Most contracts with serious briefings come from me, and I obviously can’t play those, so I’m glad when other people take the time to make them.)