Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well uhmm yeah, but like I said I didn’t test the contract (and I can’t test it myself today) but I had no issues when I created the contract…


No, I’m pleased. I knew I was able to lure them in the past. I’m glad I’m not going crazy. lol

And there was still a way to do it, so it was still fun.


I just watched your video and it really fun to watch :laughing:

I love that you sped up the video (and chose the custom 5mm gun?) as well as making every guard go to the “gun drop point”.
The first failed breaching charge on the door made me literally laugh out loud :blush:


I know, when the breaching charge failed, on top of everything else, I was like, “WTF!!”

The game clearly had a vendetta against me. That’s never happened to me before. lol


Hmm, I haven’t played the contract yet so you don’t have to tell me if you think it spoils something, but are these targets located in the auction room?

As far as I know from personal experience, the auction room is a sound vacuum. No NPC located within the room will ever hear or get distracted by sounds from the outside or inside.


No, not the auction room. (Now everyone has that information, so it’s still fair. I won’t say any more.)


So, only one person has played it. Guess we’re extending this until Sunday!


I’ve been out of town the past couple days, I’ll play this one when I get home tonight.


I followed the rules

Haven’t been playing as much lately but it went well. The targets could be lured fine for me, it sucks that your run seems to have been plagued by a bug, @David47. Had fun with the contract.


Great job. That’s how I intended to do it, but the game had other plans. lol

You dealt with that woman who came to investigate well. Excellent pipe throwing skills, 47.


Nice work!

And I agree that it’s unfortunate when some one’s run is spoiled due to bugs. I had one of my first attempts in this thread spoiled due to a wallhack if I remember correctly.
But another time I actually won a contract (or placed well at least) due to a bug that made it possible for me to poison some woman on the balcony by the auction that no-one else managed to do. I guess it was karma or something :smile:


What is this? Those guards dont react to distractions, at all…


I got the exact same bug. They’re definitely supposed to react. I don’t understand it. I’ve never had anything like this in Hitman before.

Just compete against me for fun. We’re both playing the contract on Hard Mode. lol

Our targets were all trained by British royal guards. They don’t move for nothin’.


This is very strange @David47 and @Bending_Cheese67 I’m sorry that both of you had problems with the luring. :unamused:

I just had a thought did you use coins? I used the napoleon when I created the contract and I saw that rattleshnake used the phone, could that be it?


Unfortunately, I’m going away for the weekend (coming back Monday) so I won’t be able to play this contract before the deadline. I have no time at the moment. Sorry…


Don’t sweat it, Chilly. Could have happened to any of us. I still enjoyed the contract. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I used coins and thrown objects.

P.S. I just play-tested, and you’re exactly right. Those guards have been altered not to respond to anything except audio distractions like Napoleon and the phone … and I didn’t bring anything like that with me, unfortunately.

From now on, I suppose we’ll have to pay special attention to stationary guards when making contracts, and determine whether they behave normally or follow their own little rulesets. lol


I see, thanks for testing!

In hindsight I should have claimed that it was a complication for the contract :wink:


With David, Cheese and myself having gone I’ll call this contract to a close. Here’s one that I made when The Source first launched, and I don’t see anyone in here on the leaderboards so it should be safe.


I followed the rules.

Nice contract.

It actually went well, as you’ll see in the video. I killed the first two targets smoothly and professionally … but then I screwed myself over big-time at the end by forgetting how the phone works …

… I tried to use it as a distraction, thinking it wouldn’t go off unless I pressed the detonator again. Wrong. :persevere:


Hey guys!

Haven’t been active lately as life has decided to throw a bunch of things at me.

Regardless, I found some time to play HITMAN and decided to give the contract a go.

And… I got a crap score so nothing has changed :joy: