Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


At least your crap score beat my crap score. lol


I followed the rules

I got 133,281

I was going for a pistol elimination on one of the targets but my angle of approach was a bit off so it resulted in me punching him in the face instead :roll_eyes:


I followed the rules

It really helped that I already knew who William was


I think I won this one?

The next contract is in Marrakesh

Three Kings
ID: 2-06-1935983-61

Important: you cannot bring any load out at all and you are not allowed smuggle anything. You also have to start at the bazaar entrance
The reason for this is in the briefing.


I died. Was going smoothly until I was caught killing the outdoor-target by Zaydan, then all hell broke loose and I got trapped in a corner with an assault rifle shooting soldiers left and right. Overall good time lol.


I also died after some outdoor soldier caught me killing the hallway target, but I couldn’t see who it was so I just ran round room the like a headless chicken until back up arrived and shot me down. He was the last one left as well. Fun contract though, well done!


I followed the rules.

My video length has been drastically reduced (as usual) to cut out my numerous failed distraction attempts, but overall I did well and made up for my foolishness in the last contract. Mission accomplished. :sunglasses:


Well done!

I was getting a bit worried that no-one would complete the contract :smile:

Edit: nice touch leaving in your suit :slightly_smiling_face:


I just played the contract. It all went well until I was once again lazered with ARs from every direction. I stood my ground well, but I played it too cocky, peeking out of cover one too many times.

I died.


Not munch time left on the contract, @David47 is the current leader!


I still have 20 min left, gonna play now huehue
Edit: Or no because my hdmi cable’s being an ass…


Apparently I had plugged the wrong cable… Can I still play?


Yeah, sure. You did attempt to play before the deadline, but were thwarted by technology.


Had a perfect SA run, fucked up the last kill, got 1/5 stars (too lazy to post a screenshot) @David47 Post whenever you’re ready :slight_smile:


OK. Good contract, Chillyschrimp. Nice attempt at ninjaing me, Bending_Cheese. lol

Here’s your next assignment …

It’s pretty short and simple, but requires some skill in misdirection.

Special conditions:

  • You must start with this loadout (including the Terminus suit, if you have it).

  • You must retrieve the CLEAVER, which is somewhere in the morgue. The cleaver is a murder weapon and therefore important evidence, so you cannot use it as a weapon yourself or throw it around once you have it. You must keep it safe, and nothing more.

If you fail to collect the cleaver or mistreat it, you immediately fail the mission. (Although once it’s safe in your inventory, you should be fine unless you’re very careless. lol)

P.S. Please note that pacifying people will lose you points, so planning and stealth are essential when navigating the morgue.


Really cool one, i should upload video soon!
Edit: Video here


Just saw your vid.

That was a very elaborate and entertaining way of killing the second target! I’m impressed that you were able to carry the shotgun from the security room without getting spotted. Great job.


I followed the rules

I spent a good 10 minutes searching for that damn cleaver. Got spotted when I grabbed it and then they saw the curators body when they came after me after I bailed.

It was a fun challenge!


I followed the rules

EDIT: I just realized that I started without scrambler, I went in with no loadout minus the stashed coins. Hope that’s okay?

There’s a long-ish portion of waiting towards the end, but it pays off. I knew that gardener would move eventually.


That’s fine. The only reason I included the scramblers was because you can accidentally lock yourself out of important areas and ruin the flow of the mission.

And well done! It looks like you’re the winner. (I’ll check out your video ASAP.)

Edit: Watched it. Excellently done. I didn’t know that guy outside left if you waited long enough. :smile:

Very professional. You know I appreciate the patient approach.