Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Here is the next assignment, this is a contract created by @FearlessArogunz that I recreated some time ago. The conditions:

-Must start at Red Carpet

  • Alain must be killed in his room (with the rhino heads on the wall) with a single shot to the head from a silenced pistol
  • Bruce can die anywhere, but he must lie dead beside Alain with the silenced pistol by his hand
    The objective here is to stage a crime scene, the circumstances must be exact. Good hunting.


I followed the rules.

Aw, man, I thought I’d done it perfectly, but I missed that Bruce had to be killed unarmed. I thought I read the other day that he could be killed using any method, but you said he could be killed in any room


… and so I took him out with the fibrewire. :upside_down_face:

C’mon, 47, pay closer attention to Diana’s intel. She doesn’t do all of that hard work for nothing. lol

Nice contract, though. And still a respectable score.


I followed the rules
Got spotted when I tried to destroy the evidence with an unsilenced pistol.


I followed the rules

Got spotted because I was sloppy and I also missed the route of one of the targets so I had to wait for him to finish it.



I guess I won then

Extra Objectives:
You must kill the targets in the order they are listed.
You must collect the non-descript keycard before you kill the second target.
The direcror must be killed with poison or in an accident


I guess our contest won’t get any smaller for Season 2, since IO’s implementing the old maps into the new product.

Plus, we won’t have to adapt to old tactics if ever we were to go back to S1 maps, since they’re all using the same gameplay mechanics now.

Oh yeah, and I’m still here. I’ve just been distracted by other games, and currently I’m trying to finish a final paper for school. I’ll try to get back into the Elusive game by Thursday.


All went well until the last two targets, got spotted due to a stupid mistake and ended up loosing all my points (with the exception of no recordings) :smile:


My score is 10,631 lol. Happy cakeday!


Thanks @rattleshnake!!


I followed the rules.

I really like the idea of the ICA competing against a rival, start-up contracts agency. I think that idea has a lot of mileage for future contracts and I might use it myself if you don’t mind, @DaZucc.

As for this mission, things were going very well … until they weren’t, which is usually the way. lol

Apparently, if you shoot a gas canister, it explodes on its own eventually? I didn’t know that. I thought they had to be shot a second time to explode, and so I paid the price for taking my sweet time setting up a trap for the guards. :upside_down_face: (I seem to be using this emoji a lot lately. lol)

P.S. Looks like you’re going to win, @Chillyschrimp. :smile:


Lol, well with my excellent score I would certainly have earned it :wink:

From your video it seems like the sparks from your scrambler ignited the gas.
I’m pretty sure they wont explode unless there is something that ignites the gas.

I’m not at home right now so if I win you guy will have to wait a couple of hours for the next contract. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whaaa–?! So I was killed by amazingly realistic game design. Damn you, IO. Make gamier games in future. lol

Thanks for the info., Chilly. I did wonder if the explosion had anything to do with my opening the door, but I couldn’t imagine what that might be.


The next contract is in Sapienza

Going out of business
ID: 2-03-0673848-61

Please note that the kills are suit only, but no other complications for this one.

Good luck!


I followed the rules.

Went smoothly overall, remember to pay the mafia everyone otherwise agent 47 will get you.


The Don sends his regards :smile:

Too bad that body got found, I like your roleplaying style in the video!


Okay, it’s Thursday, I finished my essay last night, I work late tonight but I should have time once I get home and get motivated to play some HITMAN.


I followed the rules.

:slightly_smiling_face: (Please note that this smile emoji is the correct way up because I managed not to sabotage my own run.)


Yo yo yo…

This could’ve gone way better… I got the church guy super easily. Second target was the butcher… I blew up a scooter nearby trying to cause a panic so I could trespass into the freezer room with no hassle. Unfortunately, it didn’t scare him. So, I went to the one near the Mansion side entrance. As I was shooting it, I neglected to think of the guards that would be hunting me. I panicked as one emerged from the mansion door, and I hit the holster button one too many times, ending in 47 unholstering the gun he used to shoot the scooter. I got fully spotted, knocked out the guard, distracted the butcher with a coin and poisoned him. It was at this point that more guards caught up with me.
Eventually, I lost them. So, on to the ice cream target… It went so well until I misplaced a body (didn’t have it up against a wall, so an NPC that had a view angle over it saw the body). I KO’d anyone who went near, killed the target and ran out before anyone found any more bodies or spotted me.


Once again your patience pays off :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice work, the Don is very pleased!

@TheChicken I’ve done that misstake myself a number of times. Holstering has a very slight delay that makes me dubble press the button sometimes.


Lots of contracts I’ve missed. Lol. But I’ll start back up on the next one.