Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Welcome back!

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Well done @David47 you’re up! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the delay, guys. Here’s a very basic contract with an optional objective to net yourself some bonus points.

The story is a continuation of @DaZucc’s, in which the ICA is fighting a secret turf war with a rival agency.

Special conditions:

  • In addition to killing your target, the handler, you can attempt to recruit the aspiring hitman that he’s there to meet.

    To do this, you simply have to find him (using the information in the briefing) and bump into him. The bumping into him signifies 47 skilfully slipping ICA contact details into the man’s pocket, so that the man can call the ICA later and set up a meeting with Diana.

    Note, however, that – whilst inside the Meadow Brown Lounge – you must bump into the right person. If you bump into anyone else in that room, it means 47 has given the ICA’s contact details to the wrong person.

    If you bump into the right person (i.e. pass him the contact details) you receive a 100,000 point bonus.

    If you bump into the wrong person, you lose 100,000 points for compromising ICA security.

    Alternatively, you can take Diana’s advice and just walk away if you’re unsure. It’s not as if the ICA truly needs another agent when it has 47 on the books. lol

  • No “fetch” tricks or “coin lures” allowed. Only regular object/coin throws are permitted.

P.S. Oh, if you choose to make contact with the prospect, you’ll either have to post a video clip to show me who you bumped into, or send me a screenshot of him in a private message.


I followed the rules

I bump into the aspiring hitman around 11:30, I had to stop and google Thomas Magnum, as soon as I saw the moustache I had a feeling that I knew what I was looking for lol. Prepare for a lot of standing around time.


Great job. There were a couple of tense moments, there, but you responded well.

And, yeah, encouraging people to do a little light research was my goal. That’s why I didn’t just say “we believe he’s wearing glasses” or “he has facial hair” or something like that. :blush:

Target eliminated, prospect poached. Your final score is 262,541 with the bonus points.


I’ve hardly played this map so I had no idea what the brown lounge is. And second, I wasted 4+ mins waiting beside the target because I had a brain fart and thought the target would actually meet someone. But then not realizing that that would be too easy. Lol.

And when I killed the target, I got wallhacked sorta. More bleed effect from someone from far away in the other room sitting on the couch. So I just exited.


Sorry about the wallhack, but good effort nonetheless. Glad to have you back.

P.S. I didn’t expect anyone to the know what the Meadow Brown Lounge was. I didn’t before making the contract. I was encouraging people to treat the map like a real-life location and look around. The names of the various lounges in the hotel are written on wall-signs by the doors.


Haha. I never paid that much attention to those but great idea. I watched @rattleshnake vid and I saw the sign. It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign. :joy::rofl:


Haha I managed to get myself killed on this one :smile:

I had no idea how to find the right guy to bump into. I’ve read the spoiler tags after playing so now I know and that was a pretty clever clue in hindsight :slightly_smiling_face:.

I took a gamble poking the target with a syringe but got spotted. Tried to find a disgues to be able to continue my search for Magnum but there were a lot of guards shooting at me so I tried to make it to the exit instead… Indidn’t make it.

So now the ICA has not just missed out on a potential new hitman they’ve lost their best guy as well… well maybe he wasn’t so good after all :wink:


:smile: Welp, Diana’s going to have to promote the black guy and the woman from Sniper Assassin to active field duty now. RIP, 47.

Damn Magnum guy. He probably would have washed out of ICA training anyway. lol


My computer’s having problems uploading the picture.
I got 47,904 points

I’ll try to get this website working and upload the picture and details later on. (Also I’d PM David about the secret agent, but as I said I’m having problems uploading the score card picture right now soooo…)


The next contract is a continuation of the Global Contracts series, here we use intel gathered from the Bangkok job to further weaken the competition.


Cool. This has become an organic collaborative effort.

Poor Global Contracts. They should have started an indie videogame studio or something. lol


Ohh man, since I died on the Bangkok mission I guess my 47 is not ”qualified” to play this one?

Unless he got cloned again?.. Yes, yes that’s it, he got cloned, he’s good to go! :smile:


Nice contract, lucky I brought my lockpick for the church and the apartment. It’s a pity I lost my no spotted bonus to a punch subdue glitch.

I think the reason I took so long was because I was dressed as the priest, so Abiatti came in, saw me, then just followed me around until I listened to his confession.


Perfect timing :joy::joy::joy:


I followed the rules.

2/5 stars. 63,577 points.

Not my finest work, but the job is done; Global Contracts’ days are numbered. The ICA has proven again that it’s the Disney/MCU of the assassination industry. Even when it’s not perfect, it’s better than the competition.

I thought I’d gotten 3/5 stars. Did my final target “notice” his own kill, because I shot him in the shoulder first? lol


Okay, so I died on this contract. I got spotted, but refused to abandon my disguise or the area, thinking I could beat it.

Thing is, I don’t know how it got to that.
The key mistakes I made were: I knocked out a priest, a guard found me but I knocked him out too… And that’s all.
What triggered the hunt is unclear. Everything went fine after I had gotten the Holy disguise, I snuck downstairs and used blend spots along the way. The weirdest thing is that in the middle of using one (the altar spot), some lady from the front of the church maybe saw me, and I was kicked out of the blend spot. How could that happen?
She shouldn’t have seen the bodies, they were on the second floor, I hadn’t left any other dead or ko’d people out in the open. Was this an unfortunate glitch?

…eh, it’s fine. I’m replaying it for fun.


Man it was very obvious for me that I haven’t played landslide enough. Soooo many locked doors and people in places I thought was empty. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here.

Pah! Locked doors? The morgue/coffin area has its front doors unlocked. So, what did I do? I enter only to find out its a trespassing area where I immediately get spotted.
If you’re gonna leave your door open for me, I expect that you’re open for business…