Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I put together an accident run for our current contract, for anyone who wants to see how this hit went in my mind. I use the 5mm for the caseless ammunition, they might find the bullet in the rubble but they are definitely not finding a casing.

I like the conversation that Ottone has with the other church worker, by the end it kind of makes him sound like a calculated assassin who’s after both Abiatti and Francesco.

You’re up, @DaZucc


Someone else can post, unless youbwant to wait until tomorrow.


Well done, DaZucc.

I personally don’t mind waiting until tomorrow, but if you’re a bit busy to make something and someone else wants a go, that’s fine, too.


Yeah I’m fine waiting until tomorrow, as well.


Sorry for the delay. No extra conditions.


Nice briefing. So Global Contracts are making enemies of IAGO now. As if they hadn’t already kicked the hornets’ nest by stealing work from the ICA. Not smart. Maybe GC was founded by former EA execs.

They are evil enough to monetize murder. lol


I followed the rules

One of those classic “was going perfectly until the last minute” situations lol.


I followed the rules.

4/5 stars. 84,641 points.

Everything went well, but I failed the optional condition because I broke the guy’s neck while he was on the ground, and apparently that doesn’t count as a melee kill (even though it says melee kill in the top corner of the screen after said kill! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Also, the game was embarrassed by how long I took again, so it’s decided to stop showing my scores. lol


I just learned that if you bump into an unaware, non-enforcer guard on high alert, he pulls his gun on you!
More details to follow…


My favourite moment:

You’ve eliminated the target, leaving the scene of the crime…

You start to go down the stairs…
(Okay, okay, if we play it cool we can just walk out of here…)

"Who the hell are you?!"

(shitshitshitshitshitshit) [starts running]


Thanks to the magic of PS4 recording and Windows Movie Maker, now you can see my assassination incompetence in stylish real-time! (sort of, I edited it a bit to make it bearable)

… >I died, unfortunately. At least I tried to make the video entertaining so as not to waste your time!


I followed the rules

Made more or less the same mistake as David but worse, I totally forgot about the kill restriction on Adrien and used the syringe on him… I was a spur of the moment thing but the rest of it went pretty ok I guess.

I can’t post a video because I made the classic mistake and closed the share-meny after I saved the screenshot and then only got a second long clip of my score :upside_down_face:


I believe the deadline is over? And It was a tight race between me and @David47

I threw together something quick and dirty, I didn’t really have any inspiration today due to work-overload.
I hope this will suffice.

Mechanical malfunction
ID: 2-01-3929536-61

Note that this is a suit only contract


I followed the rules.

I was spotted – but I got a decent score, and I was pretty pleased with my first kill. I improvised, which is very unlike me, and it worked out quite well, i.e. I didn’t trigger World War III, which usually happens when I dare to abandon my patient approach for a fraction of a second. lol

Mission accomplished. Jasper Knight, grounded.


Well done, I’m happy to inform you that the trade was successfull and Jasper is now being ”interrogated” in a warehouse somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

That first kill was quite ballsy I must say!

I wonder why you put the gun on the floor when luring the other two? Since they will only turn around and report it to a guard :grinning:


That warms my heart. I love happy endings. lol

Yeah, I don’t know why I tried to lure the mechanics with guns; I suppose it was because the mission takes place on a military base and I wrongly presumed that everyone would react like a soldier.


…I died on this one.
Didn’t edit it or put any text commentary, don’t have the time for that at the moment.

The ending is pretty stressful.


Holy sh*t that ending was intense! :smile:

Only two players so far so we’ll extend the deadline.


Another deadline has passed. Should we keep on extending or should we announce @David47 as our winner on this one?


No, let’s just keep your contract rolling, Chilly. People are obviously a bit preoccupied or playing other games right now (cough Spider-Man). That’s fine. When three people have played we’ll continue. That’s the rule.

I just see these occurrences as natural breaks in the contest. :slight_smile:

Plus, I haven’t got a contract ready. :yum: