Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Yeah sorry for my absense I was in Wales, I should be able to complete the contract tomorrow. :+1:


Ok so I died, sorry it was so anti climatic. Accidentally punched a guard, tried to knock him out but I hit another guard instead, so I hid in a box, everyone saw me and there was no escape.


First at all: apologize for my long absence: recently, I wasn’t really in the mood for anything, and I choose to “isolate” myself from the forum for a while, even if I still lurked here. But it seems I still left a bit of my heart in this thread!:smile:

About the contract; I screwed at the beginning with Jacob: I get bad timing and I was spotted by him just after I reached to his position (actually I’ve appeared in front of him seconds before shooting to his face!). The other two guys were easy preys.

I don’t know if I’m still in time to compete, but at last I haved fun!

I can’t say I could still be active in the forum in the future, but I’ll try to do my best!

Cheers guys!.:wink:


Well done, Loner. Yeah, the contract’s new deadline is Sunday, so you’re in time, and you’re winning. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for joining in, too, @DaZucc

But it’s fine if you guys don’t feel like playing for any reason. There’s absolutely no pressure. We’ll just extend contracts (booming voice) forever until people feel like it again. lol


I really hope we will have the best contract ever made as the final contract that will end this contest… hopefully a long, long time from now of course :smile:


I’ll play this later tonight, honestly I just don’t like ICA facility that much so it’s been easy to forget. Sorry for the inactivity.

Edit: Okay so I died within two minutes lol




I like any map that doesn’t let me choose a loadout, because I’m lazy. lol

P.S. Congratulations, @Loner, you’re the winner!


Cool! I’ll make a contract at soon. Stay tuned! :wink:


Here’s the next contract. I don’t have any ispiration at the moment, and this contract is very basic, maybe even a bit lame. But I hope you can still have a bit of fun with it.

ID: 2-02-9568181-69

The target must be killed by the explosion of the hover where he’s cooking.
Any NPCs near him must survive to the incident. (No insta-fail btw)
No pacification (optional too)
Suit only.

Good hunt!


Might I say: “Kitchen Hazzards” would be an awesome band name!


I followed the rules.

3/5 stars. 79,881 points.

I’ve never killed anyone with a cooker explosion before, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, so I’m quite pleased with myself, despite causing a tiny bit of collateral damage. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice work @David47 !
The 2nd chef is the tricky one of this contract, in fact is not so easy to avoid his death, and also most of times he could investigate about the cookers, like happened to you. There is however a simple trick to avoid his “intrusion” on the staged accident. :wink:

I like this “kitchen hazzards” incident by myself, too bad it seems designed to blow up only the chefs on the kitchen, even if I managed to kill 2 ET with it (the Chef and the Blackmailer). I remember @immadummee47 actually managed to blow up Novikov with it! :open_mouth:

There are cookers even in the room on the basement, the one where stand a stylist, a security guard and a tech, but I never tried to experiment with those. I should try someday. :grin:


Well technically I followed the rules but it wasn’t really silent assassin smooth :smile:


The game doesn’t want to show me my rating screen, my score is 59,531.


Okay David, you’re up.


Am I? Oh, sorry, I thought somebody beat me. Good job you let me know or I wouldn’t have posted anything.


Yeah the score were pretty weak in general this round, but well done nonetheless! :smile:


Sorry about the delay, I just haven’t had the time; but I’m free now and I should have something up in the next hour or so. :slight_smile:

Edit: OK, done!

Special conditions:

  • You must start the mission on the Red Carpet.

  • You must steal Napoleon’s sword from the glass cabinet in the show room (where one of your targets is also searching for the sword), and you must exit the mission carrying the sword.

Extra: The only available exit is the speedboat, and please note that you will fail the mission if you change out of your starting suit.

P.S. For those who don’t know, the client in this contract, Robert Langdon, is the main character in a series of novels by Dan Brown, and he’s played by Tom Hanks in the movie adaptations of those novels.

(Edit: Just realized I made a typo in the briefing. It should be “an inscription on the sword’s hilt is the key …”.)


I only haven’t played this because I’ve been out of power since friday. Will do my run when I can.