Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules

I edited out some parts where I was only waiting for NPC movements and when I searched for the sword :slight_smile:


Great job!

I’m surprised. Your method of transporting the sword was very different to mine. It shows how differently people think. I thought others would instinctively use the same approach I did.

Mr Langdon received the sword in time to solve the riddle and save the day, and the ICA got paid. Win-win.

Edit: The deadline has expired and only one person has played – partly because it took me so long to post (sorry about that :yum:) – so the contract is still active until Wednesday at 6 p.m.


Thanks! I hope the blood on the sword came of easily :grin:
Now you are making me curious how you intended the sword transportation, I hope we will see some more videos in the coming days.


I’ve played the contract, here’s what I got:

I’ll get a video up and running sometime soon.

Here ya go!


I played it, did poorly and definitely didn’t win lol.


Okay, so 3 people have played the contract (before the deadline, I think) so I think we’d be considered finished now!

If so… @Chillyschrimp is the winner!


Oops sorry I haven’t been paying attention.
I’ll try and make something within the next couple of hours.


Cool. No rush. Just throw something together if you’ve got time. :slightly_smiling_face:


One of two
ID: 2-10-6337818-61

- You must start in 47’s suite!

Briefing by @David47:


I felt like writing a briefing for your contract. Hope that’s all right.

It’s a pretty basic continuation of our Global Contracts narrative. You just can’t keep these a-holes down. lol


Thanks! I will outsource my briefing writing to you from now on! :smiley:


This is just a friendly reminder (and thread bump) that we have an active contract :slightly_smiling_face:


Should be able to get this done Wednesday


I followed the rules.

A little bit scrappy, but scrappy can be more fun than stealthy sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Global Contracts’ plans are on hold. Or are they?! Maybe they completed their mission before 47’s intervention. We know so little about their goals here. Hm. :thinking:

(That thumbnail isn’t actually as spoilery as it seems.)


I think you grinded their gears at least :slightly_smiling_face:

I hate when you hear that ”What the…?” after a kill. Then you know that you have like a second to dispose of the body before the come in and spot you.


Sorry I haven’t played the contract yet. Monday - Wednesday are when I have the bulk of my school classes, and those take up a lot of my time during the day.


No worries, you have until Sunday now since only David has played so far :laughing:


The noticed kill was a syringe kill


Just went, the entire thing went almost perfectly except for one mistake that brought my score down. Went okay enough.


4:40. That was close. Just keep looking the other way. Nothing to see here. lol

Your first and last kill were very smooth, too.