Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


And agree with David, I was actually thinking you would be spotted by the chef (eventhough I had read Davids comment :smile:).
That last kill was really nice, I’ll have to remember that trick.


Looks like you won @rattleshnake!


Indeed! I’ll have something up in the next hour or two.


Right, sorry I haven’t played this one yet. Spider-Man’s been taking up my time this weekend. I was pushing to finish it, and I did!


Spider-Man’s awesome, got my first ever platinum from it too!

Your next assignment. There may be a bit of intel in the briefing.

Rules: must start at Bazzar Entrance


Nice briefing.

Well done!

It’s a shame most other games don’t have modes like HItman’s contracts mode. For example, it’d be cool if we could design our own missions in Spider-Man, or enemy strongholds in Assassin’s Creed, or our own tombs with customized puzzles in Tomb Raider, and then post them online for others to play.

If other games did have “contracts” modes, we could make other threads like this one for those games, or perhaps expand this competition to include multiple games (so long as everyone here owned those games).

But since most other games have more traditional PvP multiplayer modes, I guess this idea will have to remain an idea for the foreseeable future.


I would absolutely love a mission customization option in GTAV or RDR2, imagine picking out an npc in RDR2 and making an assassination mission for others to play. Having to travel the long distance, entering the town, identifying the target and proceeding how you wish. Having to escape cops fleeing the scene, maybe even dropping off evidence of the hit at a distant location? I would love something like that.


I followed the rules.

I read the clue and brought poison, but using it felt too risky, so I took another approach and it paid off. :slight_smile:

P.S. The name of this contract was darkly ironic to me, because I’m fighting an infection myself, an infection which is making me partially blind in my left eye and which added some challenge to the mission. But I had to play because 47 doesn’t take sick days. lol


I’m going through something similar! I’m actively taking antibiotics this week to kill a sinus infection that’s been plaguing me for far too long, I definitely made the title with that in mind lol.


:smile: A warning to any potential new players to this contest: We all share a psychic link and apparently get sick at the same time. Join us at your own risk!


Hey wait a minute, does that mean I’m going to get sick today if I play the contract? :thinking:


lol. Yes, unfortunately. But it shows your commitment. It’s like joining the Brotherhood of Assassins, where you have to lose a finger to prove you’re part of the team.

(I’m really not good a selling this contest to people, am I? I need to take a public-relations course.)


I followed the rules

Everything was fine until it wasn’t fine anymore :upside_down_face:
I spent ages aiming for the recording device (that room is so dark!) and then a guard saw me shoot it.

Note: I accidentally press the share button instead of options when my phone rang in the beginning of the contract so I missed the first minutes of my attempt. I edited out the other uninteresting stuff up until I find the target.

Edit: I guess I’ll find out if the voodoo magic in this contract makes me sick in the next few days :laughing:


I’m sure you’ll be fine. Disclaimer: OK, I’m like 95% sure you’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

I’m also 100% sure that Rattleshnake would have liked your post, but unfortunately he’s received quite a lengthy suspension for I-don’t-know-what. We’ll just do what we’ve always done and extend contracts indefinitely if we don’t get enough players.

Edit: I just watched your vid. That was unlucky. Stupid guard! :roll_eyes:

You deserved to beat me because you had the guts to poison the drink. I wussed out.


Yeah I saw that he was suspended (dunno why either) so it looks like we lost like 25% of our regular player base…

Well risky behaviour should not be promoted so I’m fine with your more cautious approach having the lead :slightly_smiling_face:


Alrighty! Here you go: my score

And video proof:

The sound got bugged as I exported it, so some parts are pretty quiet. No idea how that happened.

As you will see, this is not such a clean run. There was a lot of aimlessly walking around and accidentally following the wrong NPC, so I cut those bits out. Marrakesh is probably my least favourite map, and the Consulate is probably the area with the least expertise, for me. I did a lot of exploring that I cut out, and a lot of wondering where a chef could be so that I could safely poison a drink. (I looked it up afterwards, there is none. It’s also illegal to be a chef in the Consulate)


I’m fighting an infection myself, an infection which is making me partially blind in my left eye and which added some challenge to the mission.

That sounds awful! Do you know exactly what it is?


I don’t, unfortunately. And I’m not fond of asking doctors, just in case they give me bad news.

That’s my not-at-all dangerous logic in these such matters. lol

Thanks for your concern, though, Chicken. :slight_smile: (Or maybe I should use this emoji :sunglasses: because intolerance to light is one of the many fun superpowers I’ve developed recently!)

P.S. Seriously, though, things are a little bit better now and I have an appointment soon.


Yeah you should definitely get that checked out, I hope you get better man!


I believe @David47 is our winner! Congratulations!