Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Honestly, I just replay story missions and I have that conversation in my head like “Okay, how am i doing this?” Like I just played the First mission and decided I wanted to go stealthy but lethal and only use the combat knife. So by the end, Alma, her boy-toy, and all of the bodyguards were all un-alived and I felt like michael meyers. All in all, a great mission lol


That’s similar to how I derive satisfaction from the game.

I don’t try to tick off all the challenges. I just choose to roleplay the missions slightly differently each time I play, and see what I come up with, depending on the mood that “47” is in.

(There’s more than enough XP to get you to full Mastery when you’re just doin’ your own thing.)

P.S. There is actually an Xbox thread similar to this, but I think it went quiet a long time ago, unfortunately.

Also, “un-alived”. lol


Right now I am in the process of doing the silent assassin suit only for the legacy maps so i can unlock that badass Black suit. I need it in my life. Usually I do the hard stuff first and then just play how I wanna play with all my new weapons and unlocks haha


I tried to go big and I got shot lol. I really liked this concept I really felt like I was committing a false-flag attack I only wish I remembered that Hitman 2 health is lower than Hitman 1 health :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you liked it until you were pushin’ daisies. lol

And thanks for expanding my vocabulary. I’d never heard the term “false flag attack” before, but I just looked it up, and, yes, that’s exactly what I was going for with this contract.

Yeah, I learned that the hard way in my test runs, too. Others should pay heed and consider going stealthier.


I finished doing that the other day, well worth the effort. Probably one of the best looking suits in the game.


I’m sorry, I was just playing the contract again and I got that “MISSIION FAIL – only one exit is active for this mission”, bug again as I was getting close to the exit, for no real reason this time.

Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve reported it to IOI. Hopefully you guys get lucky.

(It only seems to happen on the way to the evac point, so, as a failsafe, you could record your run, and then simply watch it back to see if you were spotted, etc., and count the number of enemy guards killed to get a basic score, if necessary. If anyone’s game breaks when they’ve escaped Rangan tower, we’ll call that a successful run.)

P.S. God, working out these “combat contracts” requires enough effort without dealing with bugs, too. C’mon, IOI, you guys are not making things easy for me here! lol


Fail: I killed Rangan by accident. Lol.


:smile: That’s funny. Looks like the Maelstrom’s going with a different assassination agency next time.

At least nobody’s getting to the potential bug.


Here’s the bug. Seems to be happening constantly now. And this is the earliest I’ve gotten it, before actually getting through the Tower’s front gates.

As you can see, I still have 2-minutes-plus on the clock, and I didn’t do a thing wrong. I was just moving towards the exit (and planning on grabbing a coin out of a shop to pay the driver).


Seems to me like the issue is happening because the driver gets alerted by the gunshots going on. Does it still happen if you refrain from shooting the guards at the entrance?


Yeah, I just came up with that theory myself in the Bugs thread!

That might be it. :smiley:

OK, I’ll play again to test, and exit the building more stealthily.

Edit: Until I’ve tested it, players should just assume this is the case. So there’s an extra challenge to the contract. You have to lose the heat and approach the driver’s location when it’s quiet, or he’ll panic and flee.

Wow, Diana was right in the briefing. He really is skittish. lol


It happened to me earlier when I wasn’t shooting guards so blatantly, but I was still being pursued, I think.

As you’ll see above, killing Rangan guards gets you points in this contract.

Edit: OK, I just replayed and escaped just fine when I wasn’t being followed. It seems like it might not be a bug; the getaway driver is just a coward.

So shake your tail before you approach him!

(That actually adds more challenge and realism to the contract. Just wish I’d known about it beforehand. lol)


Sheesh. My next contract is just going to be “Kill that guy standing right in front of you quietly, then escape”. :sweat_smile:

There are always unforeseen issues when you think a little outside the box.


I don’t know who the exit driver is but start the contract close to him and drop a duck somewhere close to scare him. See if he leaves and it fails the contract.


Great idea. And here I just played the whole contract again. That’s why two heads are better than one. lol

(But I suppose testing different things does get better results, too.)

Edit: Tried it, @immadummee47. Yep. Instant FAIL!

So the contract works fine. The driver is a coward. Shake your tail before escaping. Confirmed. :slight_smile:


Had a feeling it would be that way but there is an exit bug on the night Marrakesh map. If it’s one of those exits that needs a crowbar, once you find one, you can’t toss it out of your inventory, not even use it as a distraction, it will autofail the mission. That’s a terrible bug.


I tried (and failed) this last night.
I got waayy too excited by the premise of the contract that I forgot to realistically plan within the time restriction. I’m sure Rangan is having a laugh at such a pathetic attempt on his friend’s life :sweat_smile:

Sorry Mr. Kale :pray:


Rangan gloating makes it worth it, though. Wish we could see the video of that, too. lol


In case people are unsure, you can kill any Rangan guards, including the ones in the construction yard.

Kardibask, I just saw your vid. That was a nice effort until you got pinned down in the toilet. And you showed me a new way into the tower grounds. I didn’t know you could jump over that wall. So thanks.