Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


This is going better than expected.
I thought it would be a walk in the park with some pretty big scores from all but… it seems Murphy’s Law has taken hold of this round.

We’ve got David in the lead with a Silent Assassin score on a map he’s never played before.
Chillyschrimp got a 2 star rank with a noticed kill and body found by the literal one NPC that would prove problematic for this contract.
and Immadummee with a near perfect run, but alas the celebration had to be cut short as he escaped.

Remind me to never doubt my contracts ever again.


@David47, confirmed, you got SA. :+1:


Thanks, man.

Don’t ask me what I was doing with that knife, or why I was trying to lure that target into the shed. I literally could have walked up behind him anywhere and just shot him, but I was edgy being on a brand new map and I totally over-thought it. lol

Luckily, I got away with it. A dead witness is no witness at all, it seems. :smiling_imp:

Chicken, never doubt your contracts again!

(Was that too soon? It’s been, like, two hours. Probably too soon, yeah.)


It was pretty easy, I did nearly mess it up though. Nearly got spotted trespassing in her garden by the caterer guy.


The Wednesday deadline has passed. Well done, @BLACKPANTHER_UK, you won!

Please post a new contract when you have the time (or inform us if you can’t so that someone else can).


Oh nice, anything I need to know before I make one? Any rules?


Not really that many rules, I have a request tho, as of now, I only have the legacy maps on ps4, so could you please make the contract in one of these? It’s fine if you dont, I just wanted to be part of this round of the competition :slight_smile:


Ok no problem, I will see what I can do.


You can make anything you like. If you look at my last contract, you’ll see that you can even include complications (or “special conditions”, as I call them) that are not part of the game.

Just think carefully before making anything insanely difficult, which would require lots of trial and error to complete. Bear in mind that we only have one attempt. That’s the only general guideline (but you can even ignore that if you want us to suffer, lol).

The Chicken thought his contract was too simple, but it was a good challenge for most of us under these conditions.


I will probably just add in a camera recording condition but that’s it.


Cool. Useful, simple conditions are things like deciding where the player has to start the contract and what loadout he can bring, etc.


I tried every map and couldn’t come up with anything that hasn’t been done to death. Everyone has played the season one maps repeatedly. Hope this isn’t too terrible, I did my best.

The V in Viana isn’t a capital, very annoying.

I don’t really know how this works or the time limit etc so I will leave that to you @david47 if that’s ok.


Nice briefing. Makes sense that Ether wouldn’t be happy about a conscience-riddled scientist working on a top-secret project spilling her guts to a corrupt priest – or anyone, really.

And, sure, the contract deadline is Sunday at 6 p.m GMT (1 EST).


Thanks, I always like to make a briefing where I can. Nothing very original but better than nothing at all. I just gave it a go and got SA/SO but it took around 9 minutes and I very nearly fucked it up on two occasions. It’s pretty easy as long as you don’t try and rush it too much. Obviously my score doesn’t count, I just wanted to give it a go.


lol. It’s OK, I play the contracts I make several times. Much more than anyone else does, I’m sure.


God I sure do love being away from home for two weeks especially when the latest player-made elusive contract is a Legacy Pack map which are the only ones I can play because I can’t afford HITMAN™ 2, boy, what a wonderful world!


I followed the rules.

I thought this was going to be an easy SA, but my 47 apparently has severe psychological issues and can’t help compulsively killing innocent civilians while he’s on his way to the fricken exit. lol

I tried to jump over a wall and accidentally pushed someone else over a wall. Epic fail. :sweat_smile:


Aww man that sucks, I’ve done the exact same thing more than once. It’s really annoying how it locks onto her even though you don’t press in her direction. Was that outfit the first elusive target reward? I got the game after it had finished.


Never mind. At least it made my video more entertaining. lol

Yeah, but you’ll get another chance to unlock it in no time. I think they’ll use Miami again really soon because they know players are most familiar with the first map. (Well, technically second, but New Zealand doesn’t really count in its current state.)


I got four stars and 135,866 points. I think I know who spotted me, but the npc didn’t seem to react at all so I thought it didn’t actually register ugh oh well. I missed old Padre!