Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Thanks :blush:

No you are allowed a gun, but the client would prefer you didn’t use one. (Basically you can’t shoot cameras)


I redeemed myself. :grin:
But I almost lost it on the female target. She didn’t want to move.


Sorry :pensive:

Yeah she was much better when i planned it, I tried playing it just now and she’s wayyyy too temperamental with distractions

Well done tho


@immadummee47 just watched your video, in hindsight I wish I’d changed some things, mainly I didn’t realise Johnson could be killed so easily with the Guard disguise, tbh this map isn’t the best for contracts but I just love its atmosphere


It was a good contract.

I personally killed Ramona easily, and had to think about how to isolate Johnson. (Luckily I brought the syringe, or I’m not sure what I would have done. Might’ve just stabbed him, since I’d already lost my bodies-found bonus. lol)

The security cameras were my downfall. (And the fact that I decided to wander the whole place for half an hour, changing into a couple of outfits that served no purpose. lol)


I think it’s a great map for contracts. Honestly they all are with the way we play here. I love all the maps.


I followed the rules. I took a tranq gun because I knew I would forget about the complication and make a mistake. I had to cut myself short midway through though

Good contract! Very tense


Nice. I will try it soon and post a video. Hopefully it goes better than the last run

The lady is so easy lol. Im trying to figure out a way to get to the other side though, I just want to shoot a camera lol


Yaaay im so proud of this run.
This was so stressing the last bit but im glad I had it under control. Im more comfortable in these tiny area maps then big open areas. I had fun doing this run. I felt that I had everything under control. I wanted to go for suit only but atleast i got one of them on suit and the other one disguised.

I got caught by camera but luckily I didnt forget to destroy evidence hahaha like last time haha

15 min until clip is uploaded
It will be two part. The second part is me exiting in the pier. It cut of as I was near the reception about to exit. Second part is only the last 15 seconds but i will upload that too.
Its lame that video recording can only record 15 mi n :confused:

I got the lady by pulling down the pin on the piano and hit her with lethal syringe. If I didnt trigger Jeffs conversation I would have gotten her faster. I killed her while wearing suit
I got the guy by just simply shooting him behind a door and a screen. I hoped that no one was gonna go through there haha and luckily I had key hacker and master key card so I deleted evidence with ease wearing the security suit

if I win I want @immadummee47 to take my place and do a contract. I am so bad at creating contracts. If he doesn’t want to then you can pick whoever is second to me or him :grin:

Im watching the videos of your runs now.
Me and immadumme had one poison each and he pushed someone to a acccident kill while I shot someone haha

@David47 what was your mistake? Oh …im watching clip now.
Were you already compromised when you deleted the evidence? Because I deleted the evidence when the guards were in the same position as they were in your clip.


You can make the recorder record more footage. Hold the Share Button, go to “record/broadcast settings” and you can make it record for longer, like say 30 minutes! Or more!


Thanks. I put it to 60 minutes haha


Nice run. Well done!

No, I wasn’t compromised until that point. I guess I moved a bit too quickly; I’m not sure. The guard must’ve seen me out of the corner of his eye.

(And I should have just run away instead of trying to take all three of them down with some rubbish moves, but I watched the John Wick 3 trailer before playing and got delusions of grandeur. Turns out 47 can’t change weapons very quickly in a fight. lol)


Hahaha yeah I understand now. Thats unfortunate. Better luck next time bro


Video is two part. The second part is me exiting in the pier. It cut of as I was near the reception about to exit. Second part is only the last 15 seconds but i will upload that too.

Oh noo. The recording cut out 30 seconds :frowning:
If you check the video it will match the detailed xp. I didnt know that you could set the recording to more than 15min. I changed it now to 60 min.

Video cant seem to be uploaded. Its uploaded but thwre are bits and pieces that are missing :confused:
Im gonna try ti share again from ps4.

But either way if I win someone else can create a contract. Im not good at that and writing a briefing, I rather enjoy playing one of yours

Im gonna screen record it through obs or some recording app on pc instead. Its like 3mins missing :expressionless:


Got spotted taking out Ramona and forgot which disguises aren’t allowed into the Cross Suite, but otherwise went smooth enough. Good contract!


I really enjoyed this contract. Its so difficult when you dont know who are enforcers thats why its best to have a disguise where you’re allowed almost everywhere and there are not so many enforcers. Hotel security disguise are allowed eveywhere except where the Mercenaries are. That hut part near the tuk tuk


Maybe blur some of this out with spoiler warnings for people who haven’t played yet? the guard disguise trick kinda ruins things thanks :blush:


True true. I blurred it


I’d say just grab any 1-3 targets and make an Any/Any until you get the hang of it if you’re looking to make them with complications and restrictions. And how we play here, almost all targets can be good targets as it’s up to us to improvise and come up with solutions. So I’d say just go for it. Whatever you make is fine so don’t worry about it too much. I can see you know the game enough to make a contract. :+1:


I will try the contract later, although ‘the source’ is a long time ago, but I try to do my best