Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Alright, we’ll see by the end of the ET :grin:

Its gonna be a short briefing though. If I cant improvise some exciting story :joy:


It’s OK, no briefing is required. Just leave it, and I might write one for you. I like doing it. lol


It was an interesting and exciting job in Bangkok. I thought that the woman was heavier, she noticed my attack but fortunately I could kill her unnoticed


Nice. How did you kill them? What was your loadout and strategy? :grin:

Blur the spoilers ofcourse


This text will be blurred[/spoiler]Thanks :slight_smile: First I lured Ramona into the kitchen, my plan was to kill her with lethal poison but then she noticed me and I broke her neck. After this I destroyed the evidences and disguised as a security guard. Then I killed the other target with lethal syringe poison.[spoiler]This text will be blurred


This isn’t on the default Bangkok map?


No, its Patient Zero


Oh right, I don’t have that so I can’t do this one. I will do the next one.


That’s a shame, I’m sorry for you, hope it works out next time…


Excuse my English, sometimes I’m not sure if I choose the right words:Schweiß:


Your English is good, man. We understand you. :slight_smile:

(Now if we English speakers tried to speak in other languages, then it’d get confusing. My entire foreign vocabulary consists of: “Oui”, “Non”, and “Je m’appelle David” – and I count “David” as a French word because the name’s quite popular in France. lol

Oh, and I can say “hallo” in German because it’s one letter away from “hello”. Advanced level. :blush:)


Oh thanks man, then I’m glad that you can understand me well. Lol the name “David” is also very popular in Germany :wink:
No kidding, I like to speak English and am happy that I also have the opportunity through this forum to improve my English, otherwise I only speak English once a year on holiday. :grinsend:


@rattleshnake @TheContractor
Who is this. Are they part of the contest?
If he isn’t apart of the contest, im still leading right?

Ok, so the profile says its @Bending_Cheese67
Are you apart of the contest? Did you do a legit run with options off for no npc icon, no mini map and instinct off and no restarts? Or did you do the contract just for your sake and not intending to be part of the contest? I would think that you would’ve posted the score otherwise?



So they’ve expressed interest before and given the time I’d assume they’ve followed the rules (13 minutes is too long with instinct) but if they don’t post on here before Sunday then yeah you’d be the winner.


Oh I didnt see that they posted. Ok, that seems fair :smile:


It was me, and it was legit :slight_smile:

(And i could have easily done ot half the time if I hadnt been so slow on the second target.)


Nice :grinning:


That may be @Bending_Cheese67, and he may have beat you on the leaderboards, but his score doesn’t count for the contest unless he posts it here.

EDIT: oh I see he posted. So that means he is officially in the lead.


I have posted it here, 2 posts abore yours :slight_smile:


Yup yup. Sorry. I hadn’t scrolled down enough.