Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


When is the deadline btw? Im reading the past 3 contracts and they have been 4-5 days.


Hopefully soon as I couldn’t do this one, feelsbadman.


Deadline’s tomorrow at 1pm est/6pm gmt. The deadlines are typically each wednesday and sunday.


The deadline is at 6 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)/UK time. I’m not sure that’s the same as “Mountain Time”. Never heard of that until just now. lol

Edit: I just Googled “Mountain Time”, and apparently that’s different to GMT, yeah.

As Rattleshnake says, though, 1 p.m. EST, on Sundays and Wednesdays, is correct. Unless we get fewer than 3 players, in which case a contract carries over until the next deadline.


Yeah my bad, forgot my time zones there lol.


Ive actuallt never heard of mountain time (mt) in US. Im used to reading either est or pst

9hrs left for the contest to finish :grin:
Looks like bendingcheese’s gonna win


I followed the rules.


Wow cutting it close :smile: what did you think of the contract?


I enjoyed it, actually. The targets were good and it was made vetter by the rules put in place. Nice job.


Well it appears you’ve won, well done :smile:


Who is this dark horse swooping in at the last minute :open_mouth::hushed:.


@DaZucc congrats.
When is the contract coming :grin:


I know right the dark horse is slacking.


Alrighty. I’m late but I wouldn’t have won so that’s fine.

Good contract. Haven’t played any of Patient Zero in the new HITMAN yet, but this map is essentially the same as the normal Bangkok, and I’ve played it in Season 1.

I originally went into the map thinking I could take out one target, and easily shoot the other with a sniper. Sure, I’d have much less of a chance to do a Silent Assassin run, but I wanted to go for style points. Unfortunately, that plan would not have worked, since both targets stay on opposite sides of the hotel, blocked by a bunch of walls.
In trying to set up and put to action my sniping plan, I unfortunately forgot that Sniper Rifles are all illegal in H2, at least starting with Professional difficulty. There’s a lot of unfortunate closet hiding in this one, folks… My one proud accomplishment is managing to sneak in and delete the camera recordings successfully. At least I didn’t die (though I came dangerously close at one point – pulsating controller and all.)

P.S.: In all the will-they-wont-they-see-me sightline gaps of Hitman, that blue curtain is now on my list of enemies.


If the next one could not be patient zero that would be great :wink:.


Sorry for slacking lads, I was buys, but I managed to put this together. No extra objectives, apart from the ones of the contract: all must be killed as deputy sheriff and James must be killed in an accident.


Taking the law into our own hands, I like it. “I am the law!” I will try and get this done tonight but I’m currently trying to make some contracts without restrictions for ps4 users to play.


Nice. I will go for it tmrw :+1:
I dont think I’ve ever tried to get sheriffs disguise silent. Hope its an easy lure to the bushes or something, can’t be impossible. I have played quite a few contracts in WC though so Helen’s house shouldn’t be a problem. Lets see how it goes haha.
Good luck agents :grin:


There are some pretty easy sheriff disguises around the map, so don’t worry!


Is the police deputy a specific character? Because I’ve only played this map once and I might spend an hour just looking for the guy.

If he is a specific character, could you please give me a general idea of where he is on the map. Like, North-East, South, etc.? lol

Edit: Oh, OK, So there are multiple disguises? That should be fine.