Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


There are a number of Deputies around the map. 2 or 3, I think.

And I do believe there is a pretty easy one to steal from someone, since I used it in my first playthrough of Whittleton.


I think there are 4, at least 1 of them is very easy to subdue.


What are the chances that I’ll be able to find that one? Probably low. lol


Looking forward to playing it tomorrow night :blush: hardest part is finding the disguise, I’m not to knowledgeable about Whittleton Creek


He’s right near the default starting location.





Haha I remember that scene. I wasn’t massively impressed by those new star wars movies but that was a funny scene.


Me neither, to say the least; I’m part of the “The Last Jedi ruined Star Wars crowd”. But I liked a lot of Rogue One. Guess we should leave that discussion for the movie thread, though.

P.S. Just reposting the current contract by DaZucc so it doesn’t get buried.

The deadline for this contract is on Wednesday at 6 p.m GMT, 1 p.m. EST.

(Please scroll up to read DaZucc’s original post if you want more details.)


I made a mistake right off the bat, lol. Things got better from there though

I was unsure about the accident kill since usually stuff like poison or explosion is specified. I don’t know if one of those would have satisified the requirement


Sign me up :grin:



I posted one last night, nothing very original but I think each target has multiple opportunities.


Got the code for that bad boy, bro?


I played yesterday and came across a weird bug that ruined my run. Oh well. But I had to make a video.


Actually knew the map better than I thought I did.Thought I’d lost SA when I tried to knockout the binman who turned out to be a guard :sweat_smile: Solid contract


I followed the rules. I enjoyed the contract, it was exciting but not too heavy.
And in a few moments, my heart began to race as one of the gardeners almost saw me while I was preparing the accident for James :sweat_smile:


I gave it a go, was going to record it but I ended up getting spotted and a body found (wasn’t even eventful, just spotted while knocking someone out) so I only ended up with 66,012.


With my mobile it is somehow difficult for me to blur spoiler, can someone tell me exactly how it works? Thanks in advance!


When typing, on the left of the text box there is a cog/gear icon. Press it and select ‘blur spoiler’. You can then type get rid of placeholder text and write whatever your heart desires. like this


Thanks I forgot how to do this.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ve tried it like this but if I delete the text placeholder it doesn’t work. Or do you mean that I’ve to fill the text inside the blue place? But how does it work if I want to cover it afterwards? Please excuse the many questions, but this forum is the first one I ever joined, so it’s all very new to me…