Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Don’t worry about the questions, everybody here is happy to help! And yes, only get rid of the blue text and type in there, in fact, you can just start typing once you’ve selected 'blur spoiler’and the blue text is deleted instantly.


That’s nice, thanks a lot :slight_smile: I will try it again…


Now it worked, thanks again for your help :+1:t3:


Jeez that scared me!

So… apparently muffins can have an odd chance at becoming instant explosion triggers for things like propane tanks? Wooooow. Guess I’ll look before I leap, and then also throw the muffin just in case.


Ok I havent played the contract yet but I have to admit that I saw the video. That has happened to me as well when I was investigating the safe easter egg but I was never in the shed itself. I was running around in Schmidt backyard and suddenly I heard an explosion. Happened 3 times when in reloaded save file. Thanks for the video though. Im not gonna take one step near the shed lol.


Does poison count as an accident kill? I always forget.


No it’s a poison kill, just both accidents and poison mean you don’t have to hide the body


Unless its a contract where you must hide all bodies then you should never worry about hiding bodies after poison kills/accident kills. It only works on targets though :grinning:


Done, fun contract but easy. They are close together targets all of which are easily distracted.


You are disqualified. :grin:

Ya it made me jump. Lol


I was thinking the same, pretty sure that’s not allowed :rofl:. Next time keep it to yourself @Ibbe040 haha.


Yeah, sorry, @Ibbe040, just reiterating what others are saying. You can’t watch others’ videos before you play, because it bestows an unfair advantage. The challenge has to be as equal as it can be for everyone.

No. Do not keep it to yourself. lol

If just one player isn’t honest, this game falls apart. You did the right thing by telling us. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

(And I’m sure Blackpanther was joking. :yum:)

P.S. For newer players who wonder why we’re supposed to write “I followed the rules” when we post our results, it’s because it’s psychologically harder for people to lie whey they have to state publicly that they’re being truthful.

It’s the closest thing we can to do enforcing rules: asking people to affirm their honesty. (And I’m happy to say that it’s worked well for a long time now.)


Yes I was joking, not much point playing if you don’t follow the rules.


Well, David, I think this one is allowed. (heck, I saw dummee’s Muffin glitch video too).

What ID47 did here was show us a clip of a terrible glitch he experienced, warning others of encountering the same fate he did. It’s not like @Ibbe040 saw a video of someone’s full run… he was talking about the muffin glitch video!

I… er… think so.
If it’s a tip that involves a random and potentially game-breaking/contract-ruining bug, we should be allowed to warn others or know about it… right?


I haven’t seen the video yet, because I assumed it was a full run.

But if all people have seen is footage of the glitch, and nothing else, then, yeah, I’d say that’s fine on this occasion. They can still play, and everyone should check out the glitch to keep things fair. :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes, I checked; it’s only the glitch, as you say, Chicken . Anyone can watch that.

Thanks for posting, @immadummee47, and @Ibbe040, you’re free to play. No harm done.

(But let’s not set a bad precedent. Watching videos before playing is generally not allowed. This is a minor exception to the rule, courtesy of IOI. lol)


How do you know the Muffin Man caused the explosion? I wouldn’t have recognized the connection.

(Soz if this has been discussed already. I haven’t read all posts in detail.)


I didn’t have an explosive in my possession and the muffin is the only thing that makes sense…plus, look at his face, doesn’t he look like it was him?


Can’t argue with that evidence. lol

Plus – killing 47 with an explosive muffin. I think that guy just became the world’s new best hitman.


Disqualify them all and crown me the winner I say.


:smile: If I do that, I’ll be proving that people with eye-patches are indeed all villains.

(Look at our avatars.)