Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


We are though…


Absurd, sir!

Ssssssh. We’re cunning villains.


And besides, you are already the winner, if I got it right? :wink:


Don’t think everyone has taken part yet.


But at least until now…


I’m expecting someone to swoop in like last time.



Could also correspond to my feelings …


You lost me sorry…


Hey, that was not what I meant, of course I wish you luck, just like everyone else


I’m guessing English isn’t your first language? I’m getting awfully confused.


No, I’m from Germany…


I understood what you meant. It was just a different way of saying, “I agree, I think someone else might swoop in and win, too.” But I already knew you were German. :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s time for bed and too late for writing in english…good night agents :slight_smile:


'Night, Akira.

(I took so long writing this reply because I was trying to remember how to say goodnight in German; I thought I knew that. But my brain failed. See, you’re much better than us. lol)


Haha, thanks David and “Gute Nacht” :grinsend:


Oh yeah, that makes sense now.


Yeah because im subbed to immadummee on youtube so I couldn’t unsee it and then I had to come here to check if im still allowed to play or not and I knew he posted the vid here.
I will go for the ET later then :grin:


Good luck but not so much luck that you beat me obviously :joy::yum:.


That didn’t go well. 1 star.