Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


At least you killed them and got out alive :joy:.


Okay, I’ve played the contract, got my video uploading, and will post my score once that’s done soon.

(Fun fact: my video was just over 15 minutes, and for a basic account I’m not allowed to do that. Turns out I just had to get my channel verified and everything was a-ok. I swear I thought verification was some super-special tag that people with an actual amount of subs get. Apparently not? I just use the platform to upload unlisted videos of my runs. The process is super simple, too. They send a code to you by phone/email/text and you have to give it back to them. Easy peasy. I don’t have any visual note of verification though so maybe it’s just code on the backend since my channel is practically non-existent.)


I thought that too..


Okay. I followed all the rules.

I don’t have a picture, but my score was 95,779 as seen at the end of the video.

It’s a generally unedited 15min video with me waiting in certain spots and being a bit lost in others. Feel free to skip forward if you want.


I followed the rules.

I thought I’d SA’d it, but I missed that one of the targets was supposed to be an accident kill.

“Never make assumptions” – first rule of a professional assassin. (Well, right after “don’t be too squeamish to kill people”).


So the deadline was earlier today, I haven’t kept track this week so I’m not sure who won.


Looking back at the scores, I think @BLACKPANTHER_UK has won this one.



Maybe we should have something like this to make winning feel more official:

(Obviously not necessary, but could be a nice little touch if anyone has the time. Just a thought.)


I will try and make something later today.


You’re late…Try harder. :joy:

You were on this thread hoping to win then when you won, dont have anything ready. :scream::scream::scream:

So, as I’ve done before…:rofl:


Ok I’ll make a contract later tonight in about 3 or less hours and take the liberty to disqualify panther from this coming round since he wouldn’t play anyways. :grin:


Ok it’s all set, guys.
Enjoy the garbage briefing. :man_shrugging::joy:


It’s still Blackpanther’s go, @immadummee47. I’ve often taken more than a day to create the next contract. Sometimes there’s just not enough time to make one on schedule, because – life.

I appreciate (and share) your eagerness to keep things flowing, but I also think we should do Blackpanther, a new player, the courtesy of waiting a little longer for him to respond, since in his last message he did state that he was trying to make something.

P.S. @BLACKPANTHER_UK, are you still making something, or shall we go ahead and play Immadumme’s backup contract? Please answer ASAP.

(Note to everyone: Created elusive contracts don’t have to be amazing. I’ve often failed to produce something on time because I was trying to make something better than it needed to be.)


Can we go with @immadummee47 because I’ve been busy with work and looking after my son. Sorry guys, I will make sure I’m on time next time. Can I take part seeing as I didn’t make it or not?

I can make one but it won’t be until later this evening.


No problem. We’ll go with Immadummee’s contract, then, since you’ve been too busy to start anything and since Immadummee has already posted.

I just wanted to make sure we had your approval and that you weren’t halfway through making something for us before moving on. You are the winner, so the right was yours.

And, yes, you can take part as usual If you want to. :slight_smile:

P.S. So “The Race Ends Now” (above) is our official contract.

The deadline is this Sunday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST). Good luck, guys.


Alrighty (Jim Carrey voice)


Pretty sure I know where these guys are so shouldn’t be too hard (hopefully).


Lol ya no worries. I was just kidding about disqualifying you. Haha. Enjoy.


Yoo the targets wont show up on the map :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Other contracts doe show targets on the map but not this

Im posting a pic now

Oh nvm they are up on the map now. I just had to dc from my wifi.

Ehm… I assume my restart didn’t count since the targets didn’t show up on the map. I went on another contract to see if there was the same issue there.


Yeah, that sounds fine. If you didn’t see where the targets were, then you didn’t learn anything about the contract that could make it easier when you restarted.