Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Alright im playing it now


Cool. And happy birthday!


Thank you

I died :expressionless:

I was going to throw a hammer to the exposed wire in the podium area but it locked on a targets head. Then all sort of shit went down


Just went, here are my results. I kind of wanted to go in with the clown suit because of that briefing lol, but I couldn’t resist christening the absolution suit!


I think I’ll gravitate more towards briefings like this from now on, Unless I’m submitting for a featured, of course. Lmao.
I’ll take a look see at your run now. Nice suit, btw. I have to wait for the next et for it.

Edit: suit retrieval and disposal of the kill weapon. :joy:


It was a demanding contract, I was not sure if I could hold SA until the end, but luckily it still worked


Nice run

I thought the second target would call for a guard to check the body but you were lucky there.
Why didn’t you use the speedboat exit though? The 1min extra can cost you the win.


Ah we’ll that wasn’t luck, the npc will call a guard once they have inspected the body and determined they need help. I attacked during that inspection window. And I didn’t take the boat because I’m not too familiar with the map tbh and I didn’t know to take it lol


You actually passed by the keys to the speedboat twice. Its on the desk near the smuggled item you picked up and the speedboat is right infront of where you spawned. Well atleast now you know :grin:


I also took a more remote exit through the canal, forgetting the boat as the obvious and fastest option :Freude:


I followed the rules. My score card shows SA, but I was spotted at 2:01
Here’s the video:

Kills are at 8:20 and 10:50


Reminder to everyone else that the deadline for this is tomorrow.


I followed the rules

I acted out of character and actually tried to win this (well … I always try to win, but I mean this time I tried to complete the contract quickly, too – and by quickly I mean “pause the game every five seconds to stop the clock because I suck at going quickly”. Turned out all right.)

I think that puts me in front, but I noticed on the leaderboard that @TheChicken had a really good 2- or 3-minute something time. Was that an official run, Chicken?


What time GMT does this end?


6 p.m.



So who is the leader? We need an answer from @TheChicken if that was a legit run. If not then @David47 is leading

I told you that extra 1.30min exit would count @rattleshnake. David was 15 seconds faster.


Yes, this should teach me to get off my ass and actually learn the layout of things lol


Oh, nope my score at the top is not an official run! @Ibbe040

My actual score is something like 90,000-ish, 3 stars (I think. It might be worse, actually). I’ve got the footage but haven’t edited and uploaded it yet. I’ll do that very soon.

I just enjoyed this contract so much that I thought “why not get as good of a time as possible? I wanted to perfect my run – unofficially of course!” So I played and replayed until I could get as fast a time of Silent Assassin as I could manage. I don’t have that recorded, but I know my route well enough that I could recreate it. But, that’s for another time.


OK, cool.

Sorry, I’ve only just gotten a bit of time to make something. Should be up in an hour or so.


So, here’s my official run. I followed all the rules here.
My final score is 63,821. Yes, I’m posting this late but it was a score at the bottom of the leaderboards at the time so I wasn’t hard pressed to upload it yesterday.

If only I had brought some lethal poison rather than emetic… Ouch.

There’s a big chase in the middle (that I sped up and cut up a bit) and the first 01m49s is me exploring and figuring out what I have to deal with. You can skip that opening part.

EDIT: Yeah, I could have just changed disgises and waited till it all blowed over but… I just didn’t think of it, okay?