Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


@David47 slacking too now :joy:. @immadummee47 sort him out. I will take part in the next one, been too busy again.


Hahaha I was going to write the same right now. In b4 Immadummee comes :joy:


It’s been 4 hours. Relax. But if becomes 36 hrs…


36 hours seems very specific, is that how long I took before passing to you? :joy:


I bet we’ll see one tonight. Probably.


Well, while we’re waiting. I was bored and I figured I’d continue the victory score card thing of the last contract, so I found this interesting relevant thing on the 'net.

Congrats @David47

picture link


Nice! Cool pic :sunglasses:


Really sorry, guys. I shouldn’t have predicted an hour. Unavoidable stuff came up and I had issues with my eyes and I had to take a break from staring at screens, even after I returned.

The contract:

'Tis straightforward. One mark. I didn’t have any bright, game-breaking ideas this time. lol

Special conditions:

  • You have to start the mission at the bus-stop (main entrance).

  • If you get spotted by a camera, you have to delete the evidence using the terminal inside the Delgardo compound. (Logically, that’s the only terminal that would control their cameras.)

Notes: The official complications are that you can’t miss a shot (i.e. you can’t shoot cameras) and you can’t subdue any henchmen. Far too messy. You must be a ghost. Get in, kill your man, and then get out clean. Easy.


You don’t have to say sorry, it’s Sunday and no need to rush anything :+1:
Im looking fwrd to the contract. Good complications.

I hope your eyes are doing good now. When I play for 2hrs my eyes start hurting and I get a mild headache, it goes away after 15-20min though. It usually happens when i play with no lights in the room.
You might have to change your glasses or change the lens, if you play with glasses. I have to play with glasses otherwise I can’t play for too long


Thanks, man. That’s awesome. Even personalized to me. :blush:

Definitely think that should be my winning scoresheet from now on!


Got a bit confused about the requirements and tried to do this SA/SO. Failed miserably. :joy:
Tried to hide behind the stacks of money in the basement area, but the guards could see, and shoot, through it. Success wouldn’t have been valid anyway, as I forgot to turn off instinct, NPC icons, and the mini-map.


Use a throwable object to distract the balcony guard and poison the target with an emetic syringe. You may need to throw an object once to poison and another one to drown. The body shouldn’t get found after drowning.


Thanks for playing anyway. lol

Yes, even though it’s not suit-only, it plays like it, because 47’s not allowed to lay a finger on Delgardo’s men or mess up his lawn. Being able to change disguises just makes escape and deleting evidence easier.

(There might also be a useful guard outfight lying around somewhere. I’m not sure. If you know of such an outfit’s location, more power to you!)

And thanks for the concern and advice, @Ibbe040. Appreciate it. :slight_smile:


This went horribly wrong for me. I knew exactly who this guy was but I wasn’t sure if I should do what I should do. So I didn’t. Lol. Probably would have saved me he headache I went through.

Got in, got spotted, ran out, came back, got spotted, left again, finally did it and left by boat.

i did KO someone to try to have a higher score if others were screwing up as well but still didn’t work out for me. It went to shits pretty fast. :joy:


My run was also a disaster lol


I have a good feeling about this. If I don’t post anything, that means I failed miserably.


42.5k score. Not the greatest but it’s ok.

Failed non pacifcation (pacified three times) Got spotted and a body was found (not the targets body)
Atleast I managed to get an unnoticed kill and get away clean. Got away with no recording from any camera so I didn’t have to delete the evidence. I didn’t think I would make it to climing over the mansion walls lol

Rattleshnake is in the lead.


Post your clips so I can laugh too :joy:


Watched your vid. You did really well up until a point, Ibbe. Nice try.

BTW, I didn’t know there was a hidden passage in the garage. Thanks for the info. lol


There is a challenge linked to the secret tunnel. There are 3 secret passages in the map. Key master is the challenge


I followed the rules

Been dying to play this, but was on holiday :sweat_smile: pleased with how I did

As soon as I saw this contract I remembered the body by the waterfall