Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well done, @TheContractor. You won!

Nice job finding a useful outfit. I wasn’t aware that. I did the contract suit-only myself.

Please post our next assignment when you have the time, or tell us if you’re unable to make one so that someone else can. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Congrats @TheContractor

I was so close to doing that too until I got spotted by a house staff then I said f it hahah. I could’ve have just went on with the suit though. It was a good contract


Thanks, man. Yeah, you followed my route until you took that detour down the tunnel. Good try.


I’d never done a sneaking into the mansion with suit in Santa Fortuna. Im more comfortable with Isle of Sgail so many times I’ve played it now…I know what map im gonna pick when I win :joy:


Correction, 4 stars. He was spotted. :joy:


Yeah, I saw that, but he still achieved a clear victory, so I’m giving him an honorary SA. lol


Oh no no no no no. I hold SA to a high standard. None of this watered down shizzle. :joy::joy::joy:


Well when it’s your contract, you can be a meanie. This was mine, however, and I’m letting the game decide – and the game decided that an SA was deserved. Trust the game. lol

(Nah, I obviously would’ve used the proper score if it’d been closer. But 'twas unnecessary.)


I’m not being mean, I’m being fair. :grin:
And the game is broken in that department so I wouldn’t use that as a means to determine a rightfully earned SA. And especially how difficult it can be to get SA with how we play here, let’s not start throwing them around like reservations. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey, I’ll take 4 stars :sweat_smile: tbf I don’t hate the scoring system IO has atm, but also wouldn’t mind if they ‘fixed’ it


Just … stop worrying about my scoring and focus on getting more than one star yourself.

Mmmkay? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. Happy cake day


I can agree with immadummee if two players had like same score and time and one player clearly shouldn’t get SA but since the winner was way ahead, it isn’t necessary :grin:


There we go. Better? lol


Ok fine.



ID: 2-11-6075997-07

Target: Kate Switzer
Kill: Melee
Disguise: Any

Required Exit (Helicopter)
No Pacifications [Optional]


Good luck everyone :blush:


I’ve been busy with work the past few days (my own fault) so I wasn’t able to play David’s contract.
It looks interesting, and I really wanted to play it during this round (but alas, no) so I’ll give it an unofficial-official run through before moving on to the active one.

Should be good to go to do that and have an easier workload to deal with by this weekend, before the end of this round.


No problem, Chicken. I understand that people are busy. Have a go if you’re in the mood. :slight_smile:


You like them helicopter exits I see. Will go for it later


Ah crap, someone’s realised I’m a hack :sweat_smile:

I just think the helicopter exits are generally the most interesting to use as required exits as they’re often guarded (so additional challenge) or can be easily integrated into a story purpose