Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Is this set in Miami? Because I’ve never used that helicopter exit before. Hints, anybody? lol


Miami heli exit requires lockpicking the gate. Its where the flamingo easter egg exit is. Same place where bigmooney escalation takes place. Top of the building. I guess thats a spoil and not really a hint but oh well :grin:


Thanks. I know where it is, but I was just wondering if I needed a key or something. Just didn’t want to be searching all over the map for an impossible-to-find object to escape the mission. lol


I don’t really think there’s a key to the gate. Only one that enters the area is Robert Knox when he escapes, maybe he has it, I doubt it. Lockpick would be safest though


OK, thanks. That’s fine, and I was vaguely aware of the gate so that’s not a spoiler. Just thought I might need a key to use the helicopter or somethin’, like there is with the speedboat in Paris, but based on what you’ve said it seems not. :slight_smile:


My run was planned “beautifully”. My kill was perfect.
Then I forgot the complications. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:

(And it’s 3 stars because I got spotted inside by an enforcer. We really should add ‘do not get spotted’ to every contract so it calculates more towards like last season than this mess it is now).


Wow, that kill was slick! Seriously well done, that takes some balls in an elusive contract like :smile:


First run, 06:12 with 64,127 (spotted body and forgot that a melee kill had to involve a weapon). Cancelled my second run after discovering a faster way to distract the target. Completed it again on my third run in 04:44 with 172,001 (Silent Assassin).


Ya the kill was easy as I kinda know that area but you can see how lost I was as I couldn’t remember where the damn helicopter was. Lol.


I had SA but forgot that there was a kill condition lol


It was going pretty smoothly, the situation was easier than I initially thought, but it was also a good deal of luck. I’m proud to have done everything this time with a suit. I’m sorry that I forgot to take a photo of my detailed points, pushed the button too fast. :Freude:


“Loser Killer”. That’s hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Though I do respect the German language for its unique words to describe things. :grin:


I followed the rules.

Nice contract and briefing, @TheContractor

I returned to my softly-softly approach and roleplayed it well, but Akira23X topped my time easily.


Haha…yes, I can understand that well, I also have to laugh over some bizarre German words, they sometimes sound too strange and funny. :laughing:


Curious observation: I like that our last two contracts have followed the naming style of official elusive targets, i.e. “The Swindler” and “The Runner”.

(It’s not necessary or practical to keep doing that, but it’s a nice little touch that strangely we’ve never done before in all the time the contest has been going – not to my recollection, anyway.)


No bueno. Only 1 star. 7.30ish. I would have got 6.00ish if I didn’t get spotted

It was all good until I made it to the rooftop. I decided to keep the suit or I wouldn’t have time if I looked for another. Got spotted on the rooftop and it went to hell. I didn’t want to kill anybody, only shoot their legs but I missed one guys legs completely…
I got all objectives done, I kept my suit but I got 1 noticed kill & 1 body found (not target) and compromised


Thanks to the ghost mode, my orientation of the map has improved significantly. So the training was worth it.


:joy: I didn’t even notice you’d done it, I just thought it was a decent title as she’s literally a runner who’s running away from her past sins

Edit: obviously the title is up to the creator but I wouldn’t mind it continuing


I didn’t do it intentionally, either. I couldn’t think of anything better, and only realized what I’d done after I posted. lol


We also went for the one target only contracts, if only we could add items pickups to contracts, we could have even more authentic elusive targets :smile:

Also just a question, do you prefer winning and contract creating, or playing someone else’s contract?