Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Yeah, I’m a big story person; I’d love that. I’d love to add in objectives like hacking computers or stealing notebooks and such. The more customization the better.

(Although we can include stuff like that here if we want to; it just requires imagination.)

This is a bit of a non-answer, but both. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I prefer creating because I’m in a storytelling mood, but then sometimes my brain doesn’t work and I prefer to play others’ contracts. This time I preferred playing yours to making mine; I liked your briefing (and my run went well, which always helps, lol).


Yeah but I don’t trust people to remember to do those things :smile: so usually I make unique kills, i.e. unique disguises/weapons, in order to get people to play within a certain story and not just emetic the target and drown them, as that’s boring


I agree, and would add that adding these sort of things to contracts seems like an eventuality.


22hrs, 29mins & 47sec left of The Runner

@Akira23X with the lead, finished at 06.07 with 168,872 score
Followed by
@David47 finished at 19.07 with 159,083 score


So, it seems @Akira23X is the winner. Congratulations.

As for me, finished the work that had me held up this past week today, and I’m in the process of playing those two contracts I missed. Guess I’ll just give you all some unofficial runs this time.
As for Wednesday’s contract, I don’t expect to play that one this time unfortunately, (some midterms this week blah) but if I can I will.



Illusion of Truth

I’m sorry if my English is not good enough for the briefing.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Okay, @David47 here is your contract’s unofficial run.

I completely forgot about the in-game restrictions on pacification and camera shooting (as I only realised this just after I had performed each action I was not supposed to do), so I figured since it was an unofficial run I’d go all out and do a lethal infiltration of the Delgado mansion. I almost made it to the target. (Oh, and yeah, you mentioned in your briefing that 47 should stay undetected so as not to start a war, but well… guess there’s that to deal with now.)

@TheContractor This is your contract’s run.

Again, even though I showed at the beginning of the video that I looked at the restriction (to cement the idea of it in my head), it slipped from my mind once more, realising it too late.
My plan with this one was to use the explosive pen to kill the jogger and hopefully explode her body into the ocean… unfortunately physics had other plans. I did well on this job though! (and I got lucky by carrying a shotgun. Totally forgot to bring a lockpick.)
Just realised there was a Melee restriction on this too. Man, I am not paying attention to things lately.


Thanks for playing.

Well, since most people were spotted, maybe I should make my next contract about the war. lol

My next briefing:

"Goodness me, 47, why can’t you be more stealthy?

Go and clean up this mess!

Diana, out."


I followed the rules.

The first two kills went smoothly. The third, not-so-much. :upside_down_face: I made the mistake of thinking the mist in the fortune-teller’s room would conceal my crimes. Wrong. Dead wrong.


Thanks for playing :slight_smile: I hope you enjoyed it anyway?!

I think the secret is to kill them with the disguise of the fortune-teller, in any case, it worked without problems while I was creating the contract

Edit: I have just noticed that you forgot to turn on the fog machine


Yeah, I enjoyed it. I still won. I lived, and they didn’t. lol

I thought about using the fortune-teller disguise, but I didn’t think I’d need. I’m sure others will do better. I don’t think I ever completed the fortune-teller opportunity in Hitman 1.

Nice briefing, too. The cult thing was simple, but it made sense given the targets and it helped me RP it.


I followed the rules.
I immediatley knew who the targets were, since I had recently been playing HBOS to get the item from doing the mission stories.
With a total score of 175 761, I think it’s possible to win this one.


Well done, DaZucc.

I like how you started the mission wearing the Japanese robe, because we just unlocked it. I thought about doing the same thing, but my roleplaying sensibilities wouldn’t allow it. lol


It’s fun to see how different the contract is played by you guys, I like it :heart_eyes:
@DaZucc Cool run, and in the old tradition you have taken the suit before leaving. I have known this tradition only since I read here, because I first got to know and love this wonderful game through Hitman 2016


Messed up terribly on my first run because I took a risky moving knowing that there was a high chance of me being spotted. Eventually got SA in 04:09 with a score of 176,698, after multiple restarts. I’d be very surprised if @DaZucc got it on his first run, because getting SA in 04:16 is very difficult. The problem is that NPCs often spot you killing or dragging inside the fortune teller’s shop.

Edit: Followed the same order as @DaZucc, but didn’t realise that the crystal ball respawned until I watched his video. Anyway, well done!


Thanks for playing anyway!
It is possible and actually easy, but it requires a good timing :wink:


If it’s easy, then play it so that I can see your SA time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Now that I’ve made the contract, I’m not allowed to play it according to the rules. I would like to prove it to you later, but I do not want to share any videos public on YouTube. But @DaZucc has already proven it with its fast running…


As far as I’m aware, you can play your own contract, but it wouldn’t be a valid entry. Also, no need for a video because your time and rating would show on the leaderboards. Anyway, thank you for the fun contract.