Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Thanks for playing again. If you follow the rules, maybe submit an official score sometime. :slight_smile:

I’m sure he did. Everything’s difficult … unless you know how.

DaZucc knew how to properly utilize the fortune-teller disguise. I did not. lol

Those two kills I messed up would have been the easiest if I’d known the strategy.

And maybe there was a little luck in not getting spotted; that’s just the way the melee-weapon muffin crumbles. Sometimes you don’t get lucky, and sometimes you do!


I often don’t post my score if somebody has already beaten it. I died on my first attempt because I was seen subduing a target, which I thought would happen. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice that you liked it :+1:t3:
Maybe you have more luck next time!


Your video thumbnail shows a MAJOR spoiler.


Oh my god this was going perfectly, then I changed disguises forgetting I had an SMG on my back and fucked it all up. Consider this a failure lol


Okay so I had 4 hours of free time not a home today so had a lot of time to imagine strategies and I knew the time to beat because of this

I knew the fortune teller disguise well enough to recognise the customer, and the shopkeeper was the one bit I wasn’t sure about, but I assumed he’d be near the shop. I got a little lucky as I didn’t know a woman comes into the corner but she didn’t catch me doing anything illegal so

Sorry @DaZucc :cry:

Also thanks @Akira23X this was an amazing contract! I have a soft spot for contracts packed into small places :wink:


I’m honored, thank you very much :erröten:
I am really happy that you liked the contract, and it was fun to watch your run :slight_smile:


Damn! I knew that you could easily kill people inside the shop. After watching your video, I just realised that I needed to turn on the smoke machine.


Has @TheContractor won this one, or is there more time left?


Contract ends at 6pm gmt

Im not gonna have time to play this one so count me out


I just went. It was going really well when I hid a body and got spotted through the fog. oh well. Got shot and killed as I tried to kill Mendola with a bomb but missed.


I guess I won? :sweat_smile: Okay I can’t be bothered to make an elusive target myself because I’m so burnt out on hitman today. So instead I’m going to make you guys play my favourite contract that I’ve done in a while :smile:

Also to make things not excruciating (as you can’t look things up) I’m going to tell you where the food items are
APPLE is either on the bar in the Hyperborean show area or in the bunker display area at the castle entrance
MUFFIN on a bunk bed in the guards quarters above the main castle entrance
BURGER in the security room next to the helicopter

Hope this is okay @David47 and you guys enjoy this as much as I did

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 hope you don’t mind me doing this :wink:


I’m willing to bet that most of us aren’t going to be able to pull off those non-lethal throwable kills honestly, I know it can be done but I haven’t even tried it yet myself.


I would never know of those kills if I didn’t see the kills being discussed and shown here.

Just a tip:
These 3 items are throwables, they don’t knock out npcs but they do damage.
These targets have about the same health as the fake npcs in the game, follow the kill condition and if I’m not mistaken then, 1 throw is enough to do the job.

Edit: I’m not sure about the 3rd target. I know that only the blindfolded musicians have zero to none health.


It is absolutely your right to select a contract for us to play – but, oddly enough, nobody’s ever done it before. It’s become customary to have another player create the contract if the winner can’t.

I, personally, have only ever visited the Isle of Sgail once (during the official ET), and therefore I don’t know where any of these scrumptious-looking foodstuffs are, even with the clues provided – so, as fun as it looks, I’m convinced I won’t be able to complete it with more than zero stars. lol


(Sorry, this should really go before the latest contract, but I still wanted to do it. lol

Gotta honour the winner properly.)


I didn’t know when I first played the contract, but musicians die in one throw, the initiate you just have to batter with the apple, but she’s a target so you don’t lose SA by her spotting you


heavens to betsy what is this madness


:joy: :joy:

I feel that it’s only fair to write this because must of us haven’t tried this kill with non-ko throwable items mechanic
This is for those who haven’t tried out this type of kill and don’t know about it.

if you want go in blind in this contract then don’t click on “SEE MORE”.


What I know is that you can kill the musicians and entertainers that are sitting down with one shot anywhere on their body so that means that these npcd will also die from one throw at their head with the non-ko throwable items (apples, muffins, apricots etc.)

With the normal npcs like the 3rd target, they can be shot 4 times in the leg with a Krugermeir then kill them with throwing a non-ko throwable item.
Normal npcs can also die by throwing a non-ko throwable item at them repeatedly until they die.

For musicians/entertainers that are sitting down;
Items like a wrench will knock them out because items that cause a knock-out doesn’t deal any damage and for some reason the items like don’t knock them out like apples, muffins, cheeseburger does damage on them and since they don’t have any health bar like the fake crowd npcs, they will die from one apple throw because those items does damage on npcs.

So lets say a normal npc (3rd target) has 100% health;
1 shot does 20% damage. So 4 shots to the leg with a Krugermeier will do 80% damage and then an apple to their head does 20% damage.
Silverballer will do more damage to the leg so maybe it’ll take 2 legshots and then 2-3 apple throws to the head for normal npcs to die

That’s how it works with the non-ko throwable items from what I understand.

I will try the contract for the fun of it but I highly doubt we are gonna see alot of stars form players here…except for contract creators that have masterd these things :joy:


:smile: sorry didn’t realise I’d cause such a stir.

I’m sorryyyyyy :sob::smile: