Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules.

Gotta say, I’m very pleased with my performance here. Usually time-limits are my kryptonite, but I was lucky enough to bring the right tools for the job and avoid complications.


I followed the rules
It was short and painless. I knew immadiately who the poor student was…cool idea and funny briefing :Freude:


Yeah this one was super easy as way of an apology for my poor offering before :smile: its more about speed than anything (I think most will get SA)


Yes, I know that, but I liked it anyway :slight_smile:


I followed the rules and I failed, I punched Walker instead or garroting him, missed the garrote promt by 0.1 seconds

Turned out to be an 8-WomMen killing spree


Made a royal mistake. A simple bullet distraction behind would have gave me an easy Fiber wire kill and I would have beat akira by 2 seconds. I don’t know what I was thinking. Haha.k


I didn’t think it was easy. I thought I was just really good, until Akira swooped in and whooped me. lol

P.S. I’m choosing to believe that there was a 5-minute time limit because 5 measly minutes of 47’s time is all that we – the broke-ass clients – could collectively afford.


Oh okay :sweat_smile: I was originally planning on making the contract about Vanisher and setting it to Suit Only (non-optional) but I think that would’ve pissed people off more

Also @Ibbe040 that sucks about the fibrewire miss, but it looks like you embraced the mistake and had a fun slaughter :sweat_smile:

  • 5 minutes cause you can’t afford more
  • Has to steal a car because you can’t even afford the bus
  • Has to use fibrewire because you can’t afford to waste a bullet
  • Has to start in a suit because it costs money to sneak 47 into a location

Generally yous are very poor :wink:


I’ll play any contract as long as there’s effort behind making it :wink: because I have fun even if I don’t get SA or even get killed. But if it was vanisher, Suit Only, I would have it done fast for SA as I know a good speedrun route on him. :rofl:


Feelsbad :tired_face:
Hey…atleast if he wins, he won’t be able to swoop in and take the lead again :grin:

@immadummee47 that bullet distraction you did with the 2 street soldiers was really brave of you. Impressive!

This was actually more fun to watch yours reaction and good job to TheContractor for “redeeming” yourself from the last contract :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s one of my go to strats to get an npc without the other hearing. Plus i was already compromised so I had nothing to lose if it backfired. Haha.


Oh yeah that’s true but it looks like you would have done it even if you weren’t compromised. Still impressive that they go deaf in not even a 1 meter range .
I knew that they go deaf when distracting with 1 bullet but not so close to the npc who got distracted with a noticed bullet lol


I do not like Colombia, so I expected to lose, but damn.


What went wrong? You’d lead by 22 seconds if you got SA.

Is @Akira23X still the leader?


I tried to distract the guys on the car with a coin, one of them saw me knocking the other one out.


Got SA, was a little slow in the end as I had never taken that exit before.


Wow, das war knapp als du seine Freundin noch vor den Piranhas gerettet hast :sweat_smile:

Edit: Wow, that was close when you saved his girlfriend from the piranhas :wink:


I think you left CapsLock on. :joy:


Oh yeah, shit, I’m sorry, no idea how that happened :rofl: