Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Thanks :slight_smile:



Time’s up. Well done, @Akira23X!



Thanks for the nice picture :slight_smile:
The next targets will arrive in 10…9…8… :wink:


The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Good luck and enjoy! :erröten:


I know that the chef peeps out of a window. Im gonna try to push him off from outside of the window while 47 walks on a ledge. Most of the time it’s a safe space. There a waiter that smokes a cigg near the dumpster sometimes.

I have no idea of who the woman is though haha


Good morning agents,
just by the way but I just noticed that I am registered here today for exactly 47 days. Maybe it brings luck somehow :wink:


Give me the luck plz. I haven’t gotten topscore yet :persevere:


Sure, definitely :+1:
A lot of it :slight_smile:


So I messed up :sweat_smile:

I was so sure that I knew the first target (thought he had a unique model) so I killed a non-target, if it wasn’t for that I would’ve got silent assassin, but my time wasn’t amazing. Oh well, I had fun :blush:

Video of the run


Oh, I’m so sorry about the non target :enttäuscht_entlassen: ,that’s why I mentioned the cafe in the briefing and because it fits in with the movie content that inspired me. Was the kill of the non target an oversight? Otherwise, it was a good run :+1:

Thanks for playing :erröten:


I followed the rules.

I think I got spotted by the snooping chef. He was probably spying on his girlfriend to make sure she wasn’t about to cheat on him with the handsome bald man walking behind her. lol


Also a nice run! Haha, yeah, I had the same perception that he secretly watches her because he fears she will find a younger and prettier guy


Not gonna be able to participate here. Been going for a lot of SASO master runs recently and I instantly restart at the sight of list SA, and the random bodyguard in the tower saw me just as I was about to get the evidence and I instinctively restarted, and it just isn’t fair that I submit a run that isn’t genuine.


Just a reminder that the deadline for this contract is tomorrow, Sunday, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m EST).


Thanks for reminding. I forgot about this one :joy:


This was super easy. I title led me to believe there were 4 targets. Lol.


I didn’t bother checking the map for targets and I killed Caruso’s chef



Everybody knows that’s chef Marcello. He’s just a famous as Pavarotti in Italy. c’mon, man…c’mon. :joy:


Well done! Yes, the title can be misleading, but the picture below shows only 2 targets :Freude:
Nice vid :+1:


Damn. I will be missing yet another contract. I’ve been too busy these days. I hope to catch the next one.

I see @immadummee47 is the leader with 02:19 .
40min left to deadline