Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Ok I got a contract coming. Should be up within the hour.


If you use a coin for a distraction, you may not be able to exit with success. Also, we don’t know the real reason behind it, so if you equip coins, take the default coins as Ibb failed with this coin.
Also, turn on your mission timer on screen so there’s indication of time of exit. Keep an eye on that when you get to the exit.

Targets: 2
Kill Method: Any
Disguise: Any

Complications: Do Not Get Spotted (optional)
Required Exit: Taxi (near the default start)

Enjoy the title & briefing. :joy:


I know where the female is but I have zero clue about the guard.
Alrighty then, time for a disaster :joy:



Yoo wtf!!?? :joy:
I got mission failed because i took the wrong exit? It was the taxi right next to the default spawn location, right?? You said it’s the nearest to the default spawn.
First time I did a contract good and I failed because I chose the wrong taxi lol?
There wasn’t even an icon exit/indicator in the map of which exit it is. Only in-game hud, i payed for the taxi and I got mission failed.
I knew where the female was so I did pretty good. 6.00 ish? it said it was the wrong exit but that was the only one available to choose? The exit I chose was the only one in the in-game hud. There was no icon in the map so I couldn’t go to another taxi
It’s a good contract but I think u should redo it and make the default spawn as the exit instead because the taxi exit fails the contract as soon as you pay for the taxi.
I’m pretty sure everyone will fail it because that’s the only taxi exit that is shown in-game. Look at the clip and tell me if I did something wrong.
My time is 6.10 and I’m 99% sure that I would have gotten SA if the taxi exit didn’t fail me.


Well my run was a disaster lol but it was a lot of fun.


We chose the same exit (required exit) but I failed the contract because of it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s weird, I can only guess you fell victim to a bug?


Yeah it is 100% a bug :frowning:

Lol same exit but I failed it
My time is 6.10 and I’m 99% sure that I would have gotten SA if the taxi exit didn’t fail me.


Okay, I should have time to play this contract this week, but I just recently played the last two to get back into the swing of things.

Here’s @TheContractor’s “The Contractor”

And here’s @Akira23X’s “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and her Lover”


I’ve just watched your run @Ibbe040. Going to watch @rattleshnake run now. Since he mentioned bug as he was able to complete it, I have a hunch what it might be.


I’m thinking it might have to do with the type of coin, perhaps?


Oh damn…it was the classic coin. That shouldn’t fail the mission lol.

Well time to report a bug


Ouch. This is crappy. I had an issue with a crowbar exit in nighttime Marrakech. I auto failed when I tossed the crowbar for a distraction so my guess is tossing a coin causes this too when you exit because you still have some in your inventory. Luckily you had your timer on so we can see what time you got.

I’ll update the post to make sure you show time on your mission. At least if someone else fails like this, there’s a mark of what time should be registered.


Im gonna play the contract again and see if throwing the classic coin is the issue or the game doesn’t let you pay the taxi with the classic coin. I’ll report back.

Edit: I payed with the classic coin without throwing any coin and I completed the contract.

Throwing 1 coin near the exit fails you the contract.
I didn’t throw a single coin until the one in this clip


So my time for the current contract is 6.11 and I got SA (should’ve gotten SA if I could exit)
Here is the clip of that

Since I threw 2 coins, I failed while exiting with the taxi that requires 1 coin(even though I had 3 in the inventory.

My score in the leaderboard wasn’t a legit run. I was testing the coin issue


I’m not watching the video since I haven’t played the contract, but what I’m hearing: there’s a bug with the Taxi at the end where it “fails” the required exit condition if you don’t use the right coin? Or, it fails if you throw a coin near the exit?

In the case of the latter, wouldn’t that mean the Taxi driver gets distracted, thereby “deactivating” the taxi exit? I know that’s a bug in terms of failure as if at any time the required exit gets “deactivated” due to suspicion or change of animation, then the mission fails (though I’m not sure if they patched that out yet).


The two bugs are;

  • If a taxi costs 2 coins and you previously threw 1 coin, you will fail the contract when you pay for the taxi even though you picked up that coin and you have all 3 coins on you.
  • When you throw a distraction near the taxi driver exit, it will fail the contract because the taxi driver gets distracted

I encountered the first bug in my official run.


Now thaaat’s a weird bug.


@immadummee47 When I tried to play your contract and started at the station, this weird but funny graphic error occurred. After a restart, the error remained and seems to be related to the starting point on the train. I tested another starting point and the error didn’t occur. However, the start on the train is also broken in the main mission. I should have played your contract better before the patch. Mumbai seems to be pretty damaged since then. I don’t know if I can still play the contract in this state and if it is still allowed?!


I’ll check it out now with the new patch. Brb.

Edit: Ya I have the same thing. You can try the contract on another start location if you like if you didn’t gain any knowledge of the map/targets.