Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Tbh, I looked at the map and I know where the targets are, because I thought at first that I could continue to play despite the bug, which was too annoying. It’s pity :frowning:


I followed the rules.

Dead over bread. What a waste. lol

No bugs for me, either. Got lucky, I guess.


I personally don’t think you have an unfair advantage if all you did was look at the map.

Looking at the map is something we all do right away, anyway.

Try restarting again in the train yard, and, if you still get the bug, start at another suit location, like the boat, the skywalk or the main street. And bring the exact same loadout you brought the first time, too.

That should be fine. You’re not to blame for the bug, and we know you’re trustworthy.

P.S. I started in the train yard, too, and I didn’t get the bug.


Oh okay, that sounds very good, because I actually only know where the targets are, nothing more. I remember exactly what I had with me and will try again tomorrow. Thank you for the clarity, because I thought I was disqualified. I am looking forward to a new attempt. (Hopefully without strange bugs).


Ya start the mission as David suggested.
But I doubt the train start will work. If you do decide to use it even with the glitch, go Yakuta. :joy:


Haha, yeah exactly,…this new “Ya(cutter)kuta” -look is very excellent, as permissive and sexy as never before :smiley:


I wonder if the game will soon be playable as a jump ‘n’ run :wink:

PS. The magical power of the Yakuta is even so strong that it made the train stop. (it only happend once, but the sound went on)
47’s world is somehow very weird…


Well, that went terrible, apparently (0 points). It was my first time ever going into the train yard so that was a cool experience.

Luckily I didn’t experience the exit bug. Don’t know what’s making everyone’s suits go crazy (the Suit-Train starting location?) but I didn’t get that from where I started. Good.


Looks like I’m still leading then, yaay :grin:

My knowledge of the female target made it easy for me.



If you still want to use the train start, the winter sports suit doesn’t have the glitch. Just read that on Reddit.


In before Akira clutching and gets 30seconds faster than me haha


I don’t feel that good this time, but we’ll see. I think your time is pretty good and hard to beat.


Thanks! He’ll sweat unimaginably in it, but if I decide to go to the train yard, he has to stick it out…


Ok, unfortunately my run was over too soon.

I started at the train yard, this time without the glitch (think the reason for the missing glitch could be that I didn’t cancel the initial sequence this time). I went to Vanya’s small pool to lure the guard away from the entrance. At that time, I was 100% obscured because I was hiding among the tall plants. After I tossed a coin, the guard turned around and saw me instantly despite the cover. He started shooting immediately and before I could even react, I died. I’ve still mastered the silent assassin challenge on the master difficulty level recently, but I don’t remember the guard or anyone else ever spotted me at this point. I don’t know what kind of experience you’ve had with the guy so far, but it felt kind of weird. I will play the contract again because this thing seemed so unusual to me. Of course without a valid score.

PS. I took the casual Mumbai suit, and not the winter sports suit.


That small pool where she washes her face is hostile area even for queens guard disguise

I haven’t checked out the leaderboards yet. I will do so in 20min when the deadline. Afaik no one has reported a faster time then me.


Yes, I know about the hostile area but they never spotted me while I was hiding among the plants…


Is the foilage bugged?
There was some foilage that was bugged pre-patch. The patch notes said they got fixed


I’m not sure, but the fact that everything went so fast irritated me.


This patch seems to have messed up a lot :wink:


Looks like I won :grin:

Where do you want the next contract to be in
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  • Marresh at night
  • Bangkok (Club 27)
  • Miami
  • Mumbai
  • Isle of Sgail

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