Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Congratulations @Ibbe040 :slight_smile:


I’d vote but the option I’d choose is not there. So make whatever you want. :joy:


We have one vote each for three locations. Since Akira was first to vote we’ll go with Marrakesh at night. I will boot up PS4 and do a contract soon. I already have a fun plan worked out.
It won’t be difficult :smile:


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"Dam Jadid"(New Blood) - One Step Closer To The Leader


Good evening and welcome to Marrakesh, 47

A close source from Moroccos top agency has informed us that the terrorist scout Matthieu Mendola has arranged a meeting with three new locals in town. The locals have agreed to sign their souls away to the new French terroristic group “Dam Jadid”(New Blood). They are planning a disastrous event that will take place in France and they are going to attempt to takeover Marrakesh.

You must not let Mendola reach any of the locals. I advice you to eliminate him first and have it look like an accident. We don’t want the locals to notice anything and leave the town. We don’t want the people to panic.

The papers tomorrow should say, Marrakesh has been struck with unfortunate accidents.

47, I must remind you that the future of Marrakesh and France is in your hands. We know that your actions will cause the leader to escape to his safehouse in Sapienza. He’ll be must vulnerable and an easy target without his right hand man Mendola when he’ll make his escape to the safehouse in Sapienza. Make sure to eliminate all your target by accidents to make the leader escape to the only place he feels safe at, Sapienza.

Good luck, 47

Contract ID: 2-07-7290265-63

  • Suit Only (no disguise changes)
  • Eliminate all targets with accidents.
  • Targets only


Pretty easy. But wasted a lot of time.


Yeah it’s easy :smile:

Let me guess…you didn’t eliminate Mendola first? He takes 5-6 mins to return to the café sign. That’s why I wrote that he should be eliminated first


Yaaaaa I didn’t read anything. :joy:


Who’s leading? :grin:

Tip: read the briefing and follow suggestions :wink:


Highly recommended. :rofl:


I also wasted a lot of time, just about 30 seconds behind you @immadummee47


I followed the rules

I’m glad to have read the briefing, it really helped a lot. Because everything went pretty perfect. :wink:


Followed all the rules, here’s my run.

I did pretty terrible. Missed the first assassination attempt by a few seconds, and I’m not that well-versed in Marrakesh (and Night Marrakesh) so I have no idea where another “falling object” assassination would be for Mendola apart from the Café sign. I think I was spotted in a few other instances, particularly the last assassination… for some reason.


Falling sign would be best to do on the rooftop where you pickup agency stash, or where you stood but more to the back, left side of that exit but that only works best with instinct
The kill wasn’t the smartest choice for me to pick because;
He stops for 5-10 seconds right before the sign and then walks so you have to shoot it right as he starts walking after those seconds, so you’d think you should shoot it when he stops.
There isn’t another opportunity of the same kill.
I played with instinct and didn’t even think about it being harder without it.
It’s my first contract so didn’t think of all outcomes


If I were to make this contract, I’d have made the kill restrictions specifically accidents in general. Would’ve made for some open-endedness in terms of how and where to kill each one, and would’ve greatly helped ease the Mendola situation.


I agree. I should have any accident on Mendola. The others are just fitting and not difficult to accomplish