Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there some music glitch in this video where it’s playing the wrong “intrigue/suspicion” track? (or maybe I’m just misremembering things from Season 1) At 1:25 it starts playing suspenseful music because guards are under alert, but the music in question is one usually played in Sapienza. That’s where I vividly remember hearing it all the time, and unless my mind is playing tricks on me, I don’t remember other levels using it.


Yeah that’s the Sapi searching/pre-combat music. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it in Marrakesh @cakeblock941


I followed the rules.

I actually killed the first three targets perfectly in under five minutes, and I was very impressed with myself – but then I had no idea how to kill Mendola with a falling object. I’m assuming it’s something that people who have completed the main mission more than once have learned how to do, so I was thwarted by my lack of knowledge. I followed him around forever, tried shooting signs that didn’t fall, and eventually stabbed him with a pair of scissors while he was drinking tea, and ran for an exit. lol


Yeah it’s a challenge so i figured most would have done it.
It’s my fault, I should have put him as any accident because having one opportunity to kill him with the sign is bad

Hope you got to enjoy the rest though :grin:


Hahahahaha that was freaking funny. Ya if you don’t know the opportunity, you’re screwed. Blame ibb for that. :rofl:


No problem. You’re free to make contracts your own way. We just have to expect that some lazy assassins like me will struggle if the required strategy is very specific. lol


Here’s the speedrun record by @0R0

Btw you should join us in the player made elusive contracts.
Winner (top of the leaderboard) gets to create the next contract. Contracts are from Sunday-Wednesday & Wednesday-Sunday. Deadline is 6pm GMT.

Rules are

  • Instinct off
  • Mini map off
  • NPC icon off
  • No restarts


Looks like everyone has played. Congrats to @Akira23X :+1:

I’ll share this image that @David47 made. Don’t mind that it’s for an older contract :joy:


Many Thanks. :smiley:

Excuse me please, but I’m too busy right now to create a new contract. This time I would like to leave the honor to either the second placed, or just someone who is in the mood for it.
I hope that’s okay for you guys…


Ok, good that ur telling us that :+1:

We give the honor to the 2nd place @immadummee47. The stage is yours.


Ok I’ll jump on now and make one. I actually have an idea that I used from the last game that I can use on the new maps. And those that played them, it’s time for another contract of: GUESS WHO. :grin:


Ok here it is. For those that never played them from the last game, the purpose behind this is to GUESS who the target is. This means, with the already used rules of NPC ICONS, INSTINCT and MINIMAP all being OFF, this contract adds that you’re not allowed to use the main pause map to locate the target either. The purpose of this contract is to use the clues provided and do your own surveillance, your own investigation. You have one shot at guessing right as killing the wrong target will fail you the mission immediately. So make sure you do enough recon before deciding who you will kill.

Hope it’s a good target and you all enjoy it. I will be making more of these from time to time if you guys like it.

Briefing goes like this…

Contract Rules:
Npc Icons: OFF
Minimap: OFF
Instinct: OFF
Main Pause Map: NOT ALLOWED
Target Information: OFF

Target Info:
He enjoys walking around
He likes to lean when he can
He dislikes the sun so he’ll look for some shade
He dislikes lazy people
He dislikes people talking to other co-workers on the job
When he’s bored, he’ll watch some of the race

1 shot. Kill the wrong target and you’ll immediately fail the mission. Any questions, let me know.

GL, Agent.


I can still identify the target by subduing him and then looking if I can hide the body in a container. I also wanted to know… how do you do to make sure people didn’t restart the mission? (that’s a serious question)


That’s true, I’ll have to add no pacifications for the next time. If someone wants to do that now, go ahead. Feel free. But at the end of the day, then why play this contract? It’s about having fun and playing it the right way, not trying to find some exploit.

We just have to take each other’s word here. Nobody will know and there’s lots of ways to cheat. If you’re a cheater, then you’ll cheat. If the game means that much to you, by all means cheat. But you’re not going to win anything other than making the next contract that you won’t play anyways. I think having fun and playing each contract the right way is what makes it worth playing. So it’s all up to the person playing and what they really want out of it. Not a big deal to fail. Sometimes it’s fun. Haha. There’s always going to be another contract to play anyways.

Hope that answers your questions.


It’s sad that they don’t allow us that many options in Contracts Mode. Making it an Elusive Contract directly would be a good way to start. They could also make Disguise and Method restrictions apliable as Fail Conditions, they could add collecting an item as an objective, et cætera… This starts going off-topic, but I was just saying a deeper Contracts Mode would really be cool. Oh, and I just realized it was on PS4, while I’m a PC player. That’s something else they should add: Cross-Platform for Contracts, Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin.

But I will unfortunately not be able to play the Contract :confused:


I don’t think you have to worry about that, @immadummee47. Yeah, you can do it, but there are loads of guards with that face; it’d be very tricky and tedious to KO suspects and drag them near a container, just to rule them out. I don’t think anyone’s going to do it.

And even if they do do it once or twice, it doesn’t ruin the contract. It’s still a tactical risk, which eats up a lot of time and increases the player’s chances of getting caught.

It’s easier just to pay attention to your clues.


You should probably also add in ‘no target information’.


Damn. I forgot that.



I followed the rules.

I really enjoy contracts like this, keep em coming @immadummee47!


Can you please add spoilers to your text? You’re giving information away. :joy: