Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I was pretty sure it was him right away when I saw him watching the race, but I still ran around in the wrong places and got spotted trespassing early on in the process lol.


Awesome! You beat me by 3 points!


Nice change of pace contract :+1:

I have oy thoughts at three npcs. I’m not sure if the one in the podium area watches the race on tv. If not then it’s somewhere where you spawn as flamingo.


If anyone got any unique Fiber Wire only themed contracts please share (I’m on PS4)

Edit sorry, I thought this was the Contracts thread lol my fault!


Heh. Will do either way. I’m a fan of using the Fiber Wire when necessary. I feel it’s very overshadowed due to the limited inventory and multitude of other useful objects.


Thanks man I appreciate it.

Not for me, man lol I always have it on me. Always! It may as well be a default item for me haha


I followed the rules.

Based on the description of the target’s behaviour, I took an educated guess at where he’d be, and I was correct! Nice contract.


@David47 Congratulations!


Thank you, Akira! It’s nice to have somebody make me a winning scorecard again. :slight_smile:

And great choice: I’ve been eating healthily lately, so that muffin looks extra delicious.

OK, here’s your next contract, agents. Get your arses off that plane and back to Florida. lol

Briefing: "Irene Bronson sells legally dubious performance-enhancing drugs to athletes all over the world, and two of her besotted lovers – mercenaries with underworld ties, who always arrange to work within close proximity to her – are the main mules in her distribution network.

"Our client, the sister of a famous MMA fighter who died when he accidentally overdosed on one of Miss Bronson’s chemical cocktails, wants revenge.

And revenge she shall have, because her payment cleared. Go get 'em, 47."

Special conditions:

  • You must begin the contract at either the main Event Entrance or the Marina.

  • No pacifications (optional).

  • Hide all bodies (optional).

Like my last contract, this isn’t “suit only”, but prepare to be a bit sneaky to reach the targets.

The deadline is Sunday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST), and please read the rules in the original post at the top of the page if you’re new to the thread. Thanks.


You are welcome. Enjoy the muffin after your glorious victory :slight_smile:


Got a good score but I did a stupid mistake, I forgot to remember. Haha.

The video is in 2 parts because I forgot to change the recording time. I always keep it at 10 mins due to having less chance at vids skipping. But in this run, the first 3 mins are missing and all I did was start at the default spot as required, went to the parking garage, went to the van for my briefcase and item, went to the fuse box to disconnect the camera system, then forgot to remember to not KO the guard for his disguise. I forgot about that complication. Lol. Oh well it turned out fine for me in the end. Lol.

Here are the vids if you want to see what I did.


Yeah, we KO some NPCs instinctively, and complications can be easy to forget in the moment. lol

You seem to have recovered well, though. That’s still a good score. I’ll check out your videos, ASAP.


I was pretty sure to have everything considered and to get SA right up to the end, but I didn’t thought about hiding all the bodies, including the accident kills. Unfortunately, I got only 4 stars, but it was a lot of fun.
Nice contract!


Well done contract. Probably the best Ive played in a while. @David47

It took me a bit to complete but since I’m very familiar with the map I knew where to go and find everything hehe

I was nervous about the guy at the flamingo meeting entrance but then thought and hoped he could hear a distraction from the roof of the hotel. I should have killed him quicker though. I wasted like 1min there but oh well.

Im 100% sure someone will top my time lol but I’m happy either way with the score and time


Also have to mention that I will be very busy next week with essays and big test so if I win and can’t create one I will have to pass it on.

This week has been very much work in school but after next week it’s fine again


You could make a contract asap and post it right away and say if you win, this is the contract for Sunday (put it in spoiler tags so it’s hidden). If someone beats your time before then, they can post a new contract and that way you’ll have a contact set for next time.

Just an idea. It would also save us from losing a player on that next contract as the creator isn’t playing anyways.

Up to you if you can make a new contract before Sunday.


Alright good idea. I will see tmrw night then :grin:


I’m not sure about that. I understand what you’re saying, but I think we should just stick to protocol to avoid confusion. I think the active contract should be the only contract potential new players see when they scroll up.

Although, as you say, there’s nothing stopping Ibbe making a contract now and posting it when he wins, if he wants to. And if he doesn’t win, he can just save that contract for a later date.

Also, @Ibbe040, if you’re really too busy to make something, then you’re too busy. That’s no problem and someone else will step in. :slight_smile:


I thought of waiting until tmrw night and see if everyone has played but yeah it’s too early to say anything. I might not even win. So it’s better to let someone else take it…that is IF I win. Have to put my focus on studies instead, I rather have someone else create one then a lazy and quick contract from me


Thanks, man. I tried.

I wanted to make use of all of those bins around the back of the hotel. There are loads of them and they just seemed to be going to waste. lol

P.S. Great job. Just saw your vid. That was a good long-range headshot!