Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I think you underestimate us. Lol. We’re not stupid. And as I said, put it in spoilers. Label it in bold “this contract should not be played until ???”
Then the contract is ready.

You’re way over thinking this, dude. :laughing:
And I don’t see a new player being confused when it’s labelled correctly.

OR another idea is @Ibbe040, make the contract (if you can), then send it to me. I’ll post it if you win. That way David doesn’t think we’ll play contracts like we have a patch on both eyes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New-player-confusion was actually the least of my reasons for Ibbe not posting immediately. It was just the simplest to explain.

Reason 2. If Ibbe posts now, and doesn’t win, then we’re all getting a good long look at the contract, possibly for weeks before it’s active.

Reason 3. If Ibbe posts now, and doesn’t win, then by the time he does win he might not want to use that contract anymore … in which case we’ve wasted his time in making a contract exactly when he said he’s most busy.

Suggesting that he make a contract now, in advance (if he’s willing and able) is very good advice – but there’s no reason he shouldn’t stick to our usual system and post it after the deadline. It literally takes a minute or two to post a contract that’s already prepared.

Well I think you’re underestimating us in a different way, i.e. you’re assuming that no other player here is good enough to beat Ibbe’s score, even though there are two days left. lol


Nobody is going to play it. That’s part of the rules. Seeing a picture doesn’t do anything. And AGAIN, it’s in spoiler. So just like cheating IN-GAME that nobody will know, it’s the same thing here. Don’t look at it unless you’re a cheater. Lol.

Hence why I said “if you can”. So if he makes it, perfecto. And if he does, what does it matter to anyone if he does make it? That’s irrelevant. It’s his choice. Nobody is holding a gun to his head. Lol.
But that’s nice concern you have for his time :wink:

Wrong again, Jack. Lol
Hence why i said “IF you win”. I guess you missed that part. :crazy_face:


This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

Ibbe said he’s busy with work and he might not be able to make something if he wins.

We should say: “OK.”

His time is his own, and he hasn’t even won yet so we shouldn’t expect a thing from him. lol


Oh man, just now I realized that I have confused the entrance to the marina with the dolphin fountain entrance, and thus wasted extra time. I start to doubt myself :Freude: :rofl:


No problem. I was going to include the fountain as a starting location. The only reason I didn’t was because it didn’t seem like an efficient place to begin.

I’m glad you’ve got some self-doubt, because you’ve been kicking our asses in recent contracts. lol


@immadummee47, are we cool? I totally respect your opinions, man; you’re a huge part of this thread’s continued success. But I have to speak up if I disagree. It’s what I’ve always done.

(And I’m glad you do the same because I know we both want the best of the contest.)


Haha, yes, maybe from time to time I should try to incorporate my excessive self-doubt into the game, maybe that’s even a good therapy :rofl: :joy:


Well tbh, it wasn’t a discussion, until you made it a discussion. Now we’re discussing the discussion. :rofl:

I realized that, that’s why I said “IF you can.” (Didn’t I just say that? :thinking:

No, YOU can say ok. I don’t need you to speak for me. :no_mouth:
And I wasn’t suggesting that he should. I only suggested if he could.

Of course. But that’s up to him how he wants to use it, not yours so you don’t need to decide for him. He can tell me or whomever else that he can’t when I asked him if he could. This is why I said IF he could. I swear I’m having déjà vu :laughing:)

Correct. This is why I said IF. Never once suggested it’s expected. Don’t even know where you got that notion from to even mention that. :man_shrugging:
If he can/wants to do it, it’s up to him. Nobody is forcing him. If he can’t, he’ll say so. You don’t need to speak for him either.

Of course. Not a big deal. I don’t take anything said here personally. :kissing_heart:

Sure. No issues with that at all. I actually prefer/encourage it. You’re only going to be another victim anyways with my fiber wire in hand and you’ll never see me coming with one eye patched up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How’s that coming along? Did you take it off yet?


OK, cool. Just checking. :slight_smile:

You’re so mean. lol

I’m not wearing a patch right now, but my eye is still a scarred, blind mess.

You’ll know the day it’s better because my Big Boss avatar will be gone.


I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you a speedy and good recovery!


Thanks, Akira. (And Ibbe.)

20 characters.

Or should I say:

20/20 vision, lets you see all you can see; but if your vision’s 13/3, you’re just as blind as me. lol


Well done, @Ibbe040. Really glad you enjoyed the contract. I put some effort into it. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist using this picture when I saw it. Your performance was fabulous. lol)

If you’re too busy to make a contract, then the honour passes to the runner-up, @Akira23X, then to @immadummee47, then back to me, I guess.


I like it :joy: :sunglasses:

We’ll let it pass to the runner-up then :+1:
Thursday is the big test so after that its fine again.

Whoever competes in the contract on Wednesday, get ready :sunglasses:
feeling confident now that I’ve won like 3 contest


Alright, yesterday I started to make a new contract, but I couldn’t finish it the way I had imagined. I will be able to provide the contract at the earliest in the evening, but unfortunately I will not be able to do it before. I also have a story in mind. But I’m not sure if I can translate what I want to tell into English.


If it’s something a native English speaker can help with then I will. PM me. I’m not competing in this, just following for fun, so it’s all good.


Thanks, Akira. Post it when it’s ready. No pressure.


Your flight to Whittleton Creek is booked, agents.

Enter the Void

the late Mr. Schmitt of Whittleton Creek appears to have taken some secrets to his grave.

The rumours around the neighbourhood are that the deceased’s basement holds a mysterious statue, which some residents believe to posses supernatural properties. These individuals have been vocal in their plans to desecrate the statue, and Mr. Schmitt’s attorney has requested that we ensure his client’s property remains untouched, and that no link be made back to him.

Make sure this one stays buried, 47.

Targets: 3
Kill Methods: Electrocution and Accidents
Disguise: Suit

Complications (optional): Targets only; Do not get spotted

Good luck and enjoy :blush:

Thanks a lot to @doom-generation for helping me to optimize the briefing and shortening it to 500 characters :smiley:


Sweet! Jumping on the plane there now!

EDIT: And… I died. Uploading my full run soon so you can see what went wrong where. Spoiler: Everything and Everywhere

It’s a long 20 minutes. Me trying to find a car battery in literally anyone’s garage after missing a taser kill. Being hunted many times and avoiding anyone moving or waking up my target, fallen asleep in a puddle. Chase scenes. And an increasing apathy of KOing NPCs.


:smile: That made me laugh.